Running and Recovery

Without recovery, training is only stress. Recovery allows your body to make adaptations to your training and allows you to get out there to train again.

If you want a starting place for how to recover better from your runs, check out Joe Uhan’s Recover Better: 10 Rules for for Optimal Ultramarathon Recovery and his complementary The 10 Commandments of Heathy Running. Another good general read is Ian Torrence’s Running and Recovery. Heart rate variability is a great tool for judging one’s recovery which you can learn about in Corrine Malcolm’s What the Heck is Heart Rate Variability?

If you’ve hit some big hills on a recent run and your quads are killing you, check out Stephanie Howe’s Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and Recovery.

As there are man aspects of recovery, you might want to take out our dedicated pages on stress and sleep, as well as recovery in a broader sense in the form of an off season from running.

If you’re looking to recover from an injury, we’ve also got a page dedicated to running injuries.

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