Tifosi Salvo Sunglasses Review

A review of the Tifosi Salvo running sunglasses.

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Tifosi Optics has created an extensive line-up of sunglasses geared for an active lifestyle of running, cycling, and beyond, offering a functional product while preserving a modest price tag. I’ve had the pleasure of most recently testing a pair of the Tifosi Salvo sunglasses ($25 to $50). The Grilamid frame is durable yet light, weighing in at 0.88 ounces. Polycarbonate lenses, designed to be impact and scratch resistant as well as shatterproof, provide 100% UVA/UVB protection. Throughout sunny southern Oregon’s toasty summer months, it’s been great to have some reliable sunnies in the pile of go-to trail gear.

All in all, five versions of the Tifosi Salvo sunglasses are offered by the company, with variations in the frame color and lenses colors and technologies. Four of the five versions are priced at $25, while one version with photochromic lenses is priced at $50. It was this model, the Tifosi Salvo sunglasses with a Matte Gunmetal frame and Smoke Fototec lenses, which was tested in this review.

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Tifosi Salvo sunglasses - front view

The Tifosi Salvo sunglasses with a Matte Gunmetal frame and Smoke Fototec lenses. All photos: Annie Behrend

Tifosi Salvo Sunglasses Frame and Fit

The Tifosi Salvo sunglasses frame fits my smaller face shape really well, rides smooth, and has proven relatively resilient to wear and tear. Hydrophilic rubber is used on the ear and nose pieces, designed to increase in grip the more you sweat. Tifosi’s Glide technology adds texture to the frame to reduce bounce. The combination of the hydrophilic rubber and gripping Glide texture results in a no-fuss frame that hangs on well. There have been days where I’ve been primarily in shade and have opted to stuff the glasses in my pack versus wearing them in low lighting; they don’t seem any worse for the wear despite occasional sub-optimal storage practices on my part. My two-year-old has enjoyed simultaneously challenging the range of motion of each ear piece; turns out, the frame retains enough flexibility to not break under unnatural pressure, and has thus far managed to return to its original shape when released from her clutch.

Tifosi Salvo sunglasses - side view

The Tifosi Salvo sunglasses with a Matte Gunmetal frame and Smoke Fototec lenses.

Tifosi Salvo Sunglasses Lenses

As previously mentioned, I tested the version of the Tifosi Salvo sunglasses with the Smoke Fototec lenses, designed to transmit less light to the eye in brighter sunlight and more light to the eye in low lighting for the purpose of providing ideal “moment-to-moment tint.” They are also optically de-centered, to eliminate distortion and/or magnification. Perhaps the most impressive thing to me about these sunglasses is that they rarely feel too dark. I’ve used these lenses which in bright light allows for about 15% and in low light about 48% light transmission. My go-to jeep roads are relatively exposed and therefore brightly lit when the sun is shining. Despite a modest filter category of 1 to 2 (light tint and general-purpose use), I haven’t felt the need for more sun protection than what the Salvo provides. Perhaps the added Glare Guard coating is also to credit for a lack of eye strain? When back in the shade and trees, I find myself occasionally popping the Salvos on top of my head, more because I don’t always love having something on my face than because they feel too dark. Granted, the benefit of a “windshield” while weed-whacking around through face-slapping flora is lost when the glasses are perched up high. I ran with these shades on several warmer runs without experiencing notable fogging. However, I can’t say they’re impervious to fogging on cooler runs when I’m exhaling warm air.

Tifosi Salvo Sunglasses Overall Impressions

The Tifosi Salvo sunglasses come equipped with the bells and whistles that cater to a sweaty ride and variable lighting. While I’m not so attached to the frame that you’d find me casually wearing them around town, I esteem their functionality enough that they’ll no doubt be in my upcoming race bag. Making it to the race ensemble is about the best stamp of approval I think I can grant as a runner! Are there “better” glasses out there? Undoubtedly. But maybe not for $50 or less!

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  • Do you appreciate glasses whose tint changes in variable sunlight, or would you rather the tint stay the same?

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