Advanced Training for Runners

With more than 100 articles rightly filed under advanced training, it’s hard to pull together our favorites… especially, as this advanced run training section, as opposed to our training for beginners section, focuses on nuance and details rather than the basics of training to run.

While simple, it’s easy to forget the importance of long runs, including runnable long runs which is why you should check out coach Ian Torrence’s No Shortcuts: The Importance of the Long Run and iRunFar editor Bryon Powell’s In Praise of the (Runnable) Long Run.

On a more complicated topic, what to do if you live in a flat area, but are contemplating racing in mountainous terrain? Well, to start, read coach Alex Nichols’s The Advantages of Training on Flat Terrain and Torrence’s Preparing for Steep Events When Mountains Aren’t Available.

Both coaches have also taken a crack at whether running twice a day is a help or a hinderance with Torrence’s Two-A-Days and Nichols’s The Pros and Cons of Running Once or Twice a Day.

Here are some other advanced training articles we think you should check out:

Two of our classic advanced training pieces from the ultrarunning world are Ultramarathon Training: A Guide to Everything  and Ultramarathon Training Volume. While we also share it in our beginners training section, the first year of Ian Torrence’s Your Ultra-Training Bag of Tricks is a phenomenal collection of articles on ultramarathon training.

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