Health and Running

While “health” is a broad, nebulous word, we’ve collected our best articles on a wide variety of topics related to health. You can find other resources here:

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An article offering advice on oral care and its importance for endurance athletes.

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Here are some tips for avoiding chafing while running.

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Physiotherapist Joe Uhan writes about when to consider surgery for a chronic running injury.

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How aerobic exercise impacts immune-system function.

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Updates to iRunFar’s COVID-19 running community guide.

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Running and the Common Cold

How to adapt your run training when you have a cold.

Running on Science: Fact or Fiction, Part 2

The Running on Science column uses current scientific understanding to address four running myths.

Running on Science: Fact or Fiction?

The Running on Science column busts four running myths with current scientific understanding.

Bone Health in Adult Long-Distance Runners

An in-depth look at the scientific understanding of bone health and injuries in adult...

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