Uphill Running

We’ve collected a ton of resources to you can learn how to be a more efficient and effective uphill runner… or walker, depending on the circumstances.

For a primer on uphill running, take a look at Going Up: An Introduction to Uphill Trail Running Techniques, while An Introduction to Powerhiking is a great way to get to know when and how to switch from running to walking. Tackling New Terrain: Basic Trail Running Techniques also brings things together nicely.

If you live on the flats, you can still effectively prepare for a mountainous race. Check out Preparing for Steep Events When Mountains Aren’t Available for how. Indeed, it can be pointed out that there are The Advantages of Training on Flat Terrain.

Whether or not you’ll be racing in hilly terrain, hill workouts can be an important tool in your training toolkit. Read up on this effective practice in Training for the Trail: Hill Workouts, Sprint, Hill, and Predictor Workouts, and Faster and Strong: The Basics of Trail Workouts.

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