Running and Overtraining

While there’s debate about what to call it and less than a consensus about some of its medical aspects, Overtraining Syndrome or Adrenal Fatigue is a condition generally caused by overtraining and/or over racing that results in significant or debilitating fatigue that affects not only one’s running, but also day-to-day life.

A good place to start a look into overtraining is Joe Uhan’s three-part series Overtraining Syndrome: An Overview, Overtraining Syndrome: Treatment and Prevention, and Overtraining Syndrome: Trail Ultrarunning Specifics, as well as Corrine Malcolm’s Beyond Fatigue: Understanding Overtraining Syndrome.

There’s also the possibility that overtraining syndrome is something else. Find out more, Is Your Overtraining Syndrome Really Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S)?

For a personal look inside overtraining syndrome and its longterm effects, check out champion ultrarunner Geoff Roes’s One Story of Overtraining, his followup two year’s later in Finding Comfort in the Unknown, and an interview with Geoff seven years after his first story.

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