First Aid for Running

Hopefully, your days on the trails… or on any run are trouble free, but what do you do should something go wrong? Well, we’ve collected our entire First Aid on the Run series below as well as a few articles on assessing risk on your runs.

A few highlights from the First Aid on the Run Series include:


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Trail First Aid: Snakebites in North America

How to treat snakebites that occur on the trail in North America.

Trail First Aid: Overhydration

How to prevent and treat overhydration (exercise-associated hyponatremia).

Trail First Aid: Allergic Reactions

How to treat allergic reactions on the trail or in a remote location.

Trail First Aid: Wound Management

A how-to for treating wounds on and off the trail.

Trail First Aid: Frostbite

How to treat and prevent frostbite and other non-freezing cold injuries while trail running.

Trail First Aid: Hypothermia

How to identify, prevent, and treat hypothermia on the trail.

Trail First Aid: Head Injuries

How to identify and treat a head injury when trail running.

Trail First Aid: Unusable Musculoskeletal Injuries

How to splint unusable musculoskeletal injuries in remote locations.

Trail First Aid: Lightning Safety and Injuries

A trail runner's guide to mitigating lightning risk and caring for lightning injuries.

Trail First Aid: Altitude Illness

How to identify and alleviate altitute illness in trail running and ultrarunning.

Trail First Aid: Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

Identifying and caring for heat exhaustion and heat stroke while running.

Handle the Heat: Heat Acclimation for Endurance Running

Heat acclimation for hot-weather endurance running.

Trail First Aid: Blister Prevention and Care

A how-to for preventing and caring for blisters while running.

Running The Risk

An article about the risks involved in trail running and how to manage them.

The Risk

Dakota Jones writes about how Adam Campbell's climbing accident encouraged him to learn how...