We thought you’d like to know a bit about those folks who contribute to making iRunFar your source for mud, mountains, miles, and more. If you’re interested in contributing any of your various talents to iRunFar, please take a look below.

iRunFar’s Fulltime Editors

Bryon Powell — Editor-in-Chief
Bryon Powell’s been trail running since 1992, ultrarunning since 2002, and publishing iRunFar since 2006. While Bryon has written or edited 1,000s of articles on the site, these days he heads iRunFar’s operations along with his writing and race coverage duties. He’s also written the books Relentless Forward Progress: A Guide to Running Ultramarathons and, with Meghan Hicks (see below), Where the Road Ends: A Guide to Trail Running along with numerous magazine articles. You can read more about Bryon Powell.

Meghan Hicks — Managing Editor
Meghan plays the role of wrangling iRunFar’s written word, working with writers as they create work, and managing the editorial process for each published article. Additionally, she frequently pens articles, provides onsite coverage of many events, and more. Recently, she wrote Where the Road Ends: A Guide to Trail Running with Bryon Powell. You can read more about Meghan Hicks.

iRunFar’s Contributors and Columnists

Andy Jones-Wilkins — Weekly Columnist
AJW’s Taproom is proof that some of the world’s best ideas are formed over a pint (or three) of beer. Long-time ultrarunner and blogger, Andy Jones-Wilkins provides iRunFar with weekly editorial perspective. AJW brings all of us together with his analytical and reflective pieces that spark discussion on a wide variety of topics.

Tom Caughlan Gear Reviewer
Tom Caughlan is one of iRunFar’s core gear reviewers. Tom’s passion for trail running and specialty running retail experience shine through in all of his highly technical reviews.

Travis Liles — Gear Video Reviewer
With Trail Trials, Travis Liles provides video-based trail running gear reviews, an area that he pioneered. He publishes his own writing at

Kristin Zosel — Kristin joined the iRunFar team as its transcriptionist, so she’s the one you can thank when you read the text version of iRunFar’s video content while you’re, uh, “working.” Her role has expanded to include gear reviews and race coverage.

Mauricio PagliacciEditor Argentino
La voz español de iRunFar. Mauri Pagliacci translates various iRF materials into Spanish. He’s also a frequent field correspondent at races from Argentina to Alaska, from Spain to Squaw Valley.

Jessica Campbell — Jessica sheds light on the everyday heroes in our sport with her monthly WeRunFar column.

Joe Grant — You’ve been reading Joe’s From My Doorstep monthly column since the start of 2013.

Dakota JonesDakota’s regularly contributed his insights to iRunFar for a full five years now!

Aliza Lapierre — Aliza shares her thoughts in her eponymous column.

Zach Miller — In Finding Words, Zach shares his experiences, often as lessons from which we can all learn.

Justin Mock — Justin writes iRunFar’s weekly racing update, This Week in Running.

Eric Senseman — After a few years of writing occasional articles, Eric now interviews top runners in his column Sensing Greatness.

Ian Torrence — Loooongtime ultrarunner shares his running and coaching experience in his Your Ultra-Training Bag of Tricks column.

The Trail Sisters, Gina Lucrezi, Pam Smith, and Liza Howard — These three ladies share their perspectives about our sport in the Trail Sisters column. Ashley Arnold previously contributed to the column.

Joe Uhan — For five years, Joe has shared his insights into sports physiology and medicine with his monthly Stay the Course column.

Rhielle Widders — Rhielle gives guidance to newer trail runners in her column, Blaze a Trail.

Additional Contributors

Ellie GreenwoodEllie occasionally penned a Chicks Corner article for iRunFar, while she now assists with iRF’s race coverage.

Doug Mayer — When he’s not working on Car Talk or, Doug pens the occasional humor piece for iRunFar.

Paper Moustache — Ale and Sara at Paper Moustache created iRunFar’s new logo and redesigned our website!

Andrew TitusAndrew occasionally drops an exquisitely written piece on iRunFar’s audience.

Race Coverage Team

Travis Trampe and Kim Wrinkle — Frequent field correspondents at races in the U.S.

Ian Campbell (UK),  Tim Peeters (Belgium), Miguelito (Spain-Canary Islands), and the Koalas (Spain-Catalunya) — Frequent field correspondents at European races.

Kirsten KortebeinKirsten is iRunFar’s intrepid photographer and occasional field reporter around the world.

Koichi Iwasa (Japan), Rachel Jacqueline (Hong Kong), Paul Charteris (NZ), and Kerry Suter (NZ) — Occasional field correspondents at races in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

Previous Contributors and Saviors

The following individuals have made key contributions, whether long-term or in the moment, that greatly assisted in making iRunFar what it is today. Many thanks to you all!

  • Tony Portera was the original voice behind This Week in Running or TWIR.
  • Elyse Braner became iRunFar’s first female columnist when she started writing Elyse’s Closet back in late 2008. It should also be noted that she was an inspirational example for Bryon Powell‘s move to make trail running his profession.
  • Mitchell Goodman provided iRunFar with the most excitement it saw in 2009 by being the brains that made the Western States 100 prediction contest possible. He repeated the effort every year through 2015.
  • Brad Koenig and John McAlister were great technical advisors as iRunFar moved from its Blogger roots to WordPress in the winter of 2009-10.
  • Robbie Lawless — For three years, Robbie shared his Run Tramp Interviews with iRunFar and the world.
  • EJ Murphy — EJ provided iRunFar’s only comic to date, Happy Trails.
  • Allison Pattillo wrote our Non-Gear Girl column. She now writes for Competitor, Women’s Running, and more.
  • Paul Petch has provided iRunFar with graphic designs ranging from column logos to ads.
  • Geoff Roes penned a column on his evolving relationship with running for four years.
  • Brendan Trimboli created iRF’s Non-Gear Girl, This Week In Running, and Elyse’s Closet logos.

Become a Contributor
If you have skills that you’d like to contribute to iRunFar, please get in touch with us! We’re always looking for good writers for guest posts (opportunities are limited), photographers looking to share their work, graphic artists to help with small projects, web designers and traditional publishers for their feedback and consultation, and anyone else with technical or artistic skills who is willing to make iRunFar even better. Even if we don’t have an immediate need for your skill, we’re building an iRunFar volunteer list just in case we need help in the future. Let us know if you want to be included!

Last updated: March 26, 2017