Salomon Pulse Belt Review

A detailed review of the Salomon Pulse Belt.

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Salomon Pulse Belt - front fit

The Salomon Pulse Belt. All photos: iRunFar

I’ve never thought of myself as someone who would wear a running belt — mostly because I never saw the necessity of it — but the Salomon Pulse Belt ($35) has me changing my mind. I’ve always been one just to put my stuff in a pack or shorts pockets, but over the past few months, I’ve run with people who wear running belts. I couldn’t help but notice how much stuff they could carry, and the belts seemed incredibly convenient. I wasn’t totally sold though. I had my doubts about whether belts were actually practical or if they stayed in place while running.

After stuffing the Salomon Pulse Belt belt full of everything from 500-milliliter soft flasks to snacks to keys, I’ve found this lightweight minimal belt is the perfect companion for runs that aren’t quite running pack-worthy but still require some fueling and hydration. Weighing just 2.2 ounces (62 grams), the belt has an impressive 0.79 liters of capacity. And for anyone looking for a larger belt, check out the Salomon High Pulse Belt ($40), which is taller and has storage room for just about all your fueling needs.

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Salomon Pulse Belt Construction and Fit

Salomon Pulse Belt - front view

A front view of the Salomon Pulse Belt.

The Salomon Pulse Belt stands out with its innovative tubular construction, eliminating traditional buckles and ensuring a snug fit. This flat construction utilizes stretch fabrics and meticulous stitching to minimize bouncing and enhance stability. Additionally, the four-way stretch fabric and elastic jersey materials ensure flexibility and adaptability to your body’s movements, making it feel like a second skin.

Constructed with an elastic jersey fabric, the belt is super lightweight. Even when I wore it in warm conditions, I didn’t feel like there was a pocket of heat stored around my waist.

Salomon Pulse Belt - back details

A rear view of the Salomon Pulse Belt.

Typically, I wear size small bottoms, and I discovered that the size small belt fit nicely when snug around my hip bones. However, during activities involving speedwork with only minimal items stashed away, like just a phone and keys, I noticed that the belt tended to ride up. To address this issue, I opted to wear only tights with the belt, hoping that the more snug fit of my clothing would assist in keeping the belt in place. That seemed to work most of the time, but I still occasionally ran into the issue of the belt riding up.

Another thing of note: On runs over two hours with a bunch of gear in the belt, I did notice it felt a little tight around my waist, which I could see getting annoying on much longer runs.

Salomon Pulse Belt Storage

Salomon Pulse Belt - back storage

The back storage of the Salomon Pulse Belt.

With a volume of 0.79 liters, the Salomon Pulse Belt offers ample storage space for essentials — such as keys, energy gels, or a smartphone — without adding unnecessary bulk or weight. I tested out several combinations of gear in the belt and was always surprised by how much I could carry. On one run, I managed to fit a packable jacket, phone, car key, and pair of gloves. On another, I carried a soft 500-milliliter hydration flask, a pack of gummies, a phone, and car keys. And lastly, I just ran with a cell phone and car key.

This belt feels like a Mary Poppins-style bag, like I could carry anything. I was, and still am, surprised by how much I could fit in this belt given its minimal size. I used it on runs ranging in distance from seven to 18 miles.

Salmon Pulse Belt Overall Impressions

Salomon Pulse Belt - front pockets

The front pockets of the Salomon Pulse Belt.

With the Salomon Pulse Belt, I’ve officially become a convert to wearing running belts. It’s surprising that it took me so long to try out this piece of gear — it’s like having a much more practical alternative to a fanny pack, and you don’t have to embrace the nostalgic 1990s vibe. Admittedly, there’s a bit of silliness stepping into the belt at the trailhead, but the convenience of being able to carry plenty of snacks and stow away my gloves and jacket when I’ve clearly overestimated the weather makes it all worth it.

Salomon Pulse Belt - back pockets

The back pockets of the Salomon Pulse Belt.

While the occasional ride-up occurred, I understand this may differ depending on individual hip and waist measurements. If I wore the belt higher, above my hip bones, I’d have opted for a smaller size, like an XS.

For me, this belt is ideal for shorter runs — those lasting under two and a half hours. Beyond that, I might resort to using a pack to carry sufficient water, as the tightness experienced during longer runs could become frustrating over even greater distances.

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