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Taking a Ribbing :-(
on September 27
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Boo. I’ve run once in the previous four days and it didn’t go well. On Tuesday, I set out to

Falling Hard … for Gravity (A Brief Odyssey Report)
on September 24

A brief weekend update: I DNFed Oddyssey. I cruised through Lap 1 (13 miles) in 2:02. I made good time

Time for an Odyssey
on September 21
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I haven’t raced in more than there months and only once in almost half a year. Tomorrow morning I’ll once

Hadd Workout – 9/19/07
on September 20
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This is a place holder post re my workout last night. I’m not sure what it was, but it was

Lame (also, lamest 100th post ever!)
on September 18
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Last night was the best running night in Arlington since early last spring… and I didn’t run. Boo. If wait

Hadd Is Back!
on September 15
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I’ve got lots to catch up with re my spotty Hadd workout reporting of late. For now, I’ll report on

Sister vs. Brother
on September 13

You heard it here first, folks. Next February will see the first Powell versus Powell race in at least two

Update re Western States and Recovery
on September 13

Following my mild panic regarding a lack of a Western States 100 qualifier noted here, I have been notified that

Gretchen Update
on September 12
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Here is Gretchen’s report on her Women’s Half Marathon effort and an update regarding her training. I think she should

Slow Recovery
on September 12
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I’ve run all of 9 miles since 3:40 a.m. MDT Sunday morning and am still not recovered from my mountain