The Race Is On

It’s time for me to run some races again. If I’m remembering correctly, I’ve only run one race (Laurel Highlands in early June) since my disastrous Way Too Cool and lackluster HAT Run back in March. Heck, I even withdrew from Miwok and the Vermont 100. The racing drought will end, and soon. I don’t plan on racing the first couple events, rather the will be supported training runs to get me moving this fall. As I’m well rested and have no big plans this winter, it’s time for me to start ramping up my training for big races next summer. Yes, I can and will train for races 9 or 12 months out. It’s how I roll. :-P

Here goes:
9/22 – Odyssey 40 miler, Douthat State Park, VA
10/13 – 24 Hours of Momentum, Maidens, VA
12/8 – Hellgate 100k, Fincastle, VA

I plan to run conservatively at the Odyssey 40 miler. I’ll use the 24 Hours of Momentum as a supported training run and don’t plan on running all 24 hours. I may or may not “race” Hellgate depending on how my training goes to that point. If I’m feeling like I’ve put in the miles, it might be fun to go for it, if not, it’s great training… if a frigid, rocky, mountainous training run that starts at midnight can be good training.