Update re Western States and Recovery

Following my mild panic regarding a lack of a Western States 100 qualifier noted here, I have been notified that my Laurel Highlands effort will, in fact, be recognized as a qualifying performance. :-)

My legs are finally recovered. Heading out from my house yesterday, my legs felt pretty good despite some muscle soreness near my knees during the day. My warm up to the track was my first normal paced effort since returning to flatland at sea-level and I felt like I was running in an ocean of oxygen. It was a good feeling. The workout itself was neither here nor there. 6 miles of Hadd training, though I did let my heart rate drift up from 165 bpm to 170 for the final mile or two. I think I averaged about 6:30 and felt smooth and relaxed the whole way. Maybe more about it later once I upload the data to Motion Based. (Drew and I finally fixed our home internet connection last night after a long down period.)