Brief Training Update

Holy Cow, I ran a 50 mile week without a race. Ok, so my week wasn’t all that impressive, but a step in the right direction for a number of reasons.

First, I ran every day. I need to keep that up (or close to it) for a couple more weeks.

Second, I ran 55 miles. That’s not huge by any stretch (I ran 80 mile weeks for 8 straight weeks during the spring of 2006, but it’s progress.

Third, I got in three quality runs. On Tuesday, I aborted my standard workout while running 2 miles and then 1 miles at 165 bpm. I felt shitty and so I stopped … BUT then I jumped into my road running club’s track workout. 400-800-1200-1200-800-400 with 400 rest. My times were 76, 2:43, 4:02, 4:04, 2:37, 74. It was the first time other than my first Hadd mini-test that I’d run faster than 6 minute pace in a LONG time. On Friday, I ran my second Hadd mini-test, which turns out to be a quality day. Today, I didn’t end up doing the 20+ mile run that I’d hoped I’d do, but did run a quality two hour effort on the trails around Great Falls Nat’l Park.