Sister vs. Brother

You heard it here first, folks. Next February will see the first Powell versus Powell race in at least two decades! Not since the old bus stop to front yard races we held while waiting for the bus have my sister and I squared off in ferocious fleet footed fighting. (for the record, Gretch usually won those races) Black Mountain, North Carolina will witness the pending Armageddon that will pit sister versus brother. Oh, this will be huge. HUGE! I’ll run the 40+ mile Mount Mitchell Challenge while Gretchen will tackle the Black Mountain Marathon. As both races start simultaneously, first one to the finish line wins. Loser can go cry to Mom. No holds barred.

Only caveat that may temporarily put a hold on this sibling rivalry is that we’ve both got to get in! I overnighted the applications in yesterday. Keep your fingers crossed!

Gretch, the challenge is now public. The gauntlet has been laid down. Start training now or eat my dust. ;-)