Slow Recovery

I’ve run all of 9 miles since 3:40 a.m. MDT Sunday morning and am still not recovered from my mountain adventures. I didn’t run at all on Sunday after finishing my pacing duties. On Monday, I did an easy 4.5 on the Mall and was sore, but not uncomfortable and loosened up after about a quarter mile. Had a nice half hour leg massage Monday night. I had intended to run a track workout last night,but had residual soreness, especially around my knees, so I bagged it and ran an easy 4.5 with my roommate, Drew, instead. Despite this easy and active recovery, I’m still not 100% today. I need to figure out if I’m 85%, which wold mean no track workout tonight, or 95%, which would just mean lowered expectations for a track workout tonight.

The reasons for my tentativeness in working out are two fold. First, I don’t want to injure myself. I just came off a huge 10 day, 154.5 mile, 40,000’+ of climb stretch. I should be tired and sore and all the more so since I went into it relatively untrained. That training will pay of big time in the coming weeks and months … if I don’t hurt myself. Second, I’m feeling pretty confident coming out of my running vacation. I don’t particularly want to hit the track a day too early, have a really shitty workout , and then get down about my running, when I might be golden with an extra day’s rest. I’ll make the call one way or the other around 6 this evening.