My recovery seems to be going along alright following Saturday’s outing in Pennsylvania. Here’s a day-by-day how my recovery’s gone.

Sunday: 0 miles
Came home to a lawn that needed mowing. Very sore while pushing the mower and feet were no happy. Legs felt a bit looser after mowing. Thought about running, but decided not to based on my unhappy feet.

Monday: 5 miles
Went out for an easy evening run on the bike path. Sore and slow. Thought about cutting it short early on during the run, but felt better as I went along. Accelerated when approaching a light about 4 miles in… didn’t go any faster. :-) Only one gear today. (Wore size 9.5 Asics 2090s running for the first time in the 3 years I’ve owned the pair.)

Tuesday: 5.5 miles
I had tentative plans to run a track workout. Got to the track and knew that wasn’t wise. Legs and feet recovering, but with sore support muscles and not much spark, a track workout would have been risky , unproductive, and frustrating. (Still in the oversized 2090s.)

Wednesday: 5.5 miles
Hit the track Hadd style and felt ok. 3.75 miles at 6:29 pace with HRave of 164. Maybe a beat a minute higher than if I was fresh, but right on. Felt comfortable out there. Workout was cut short by a nasty thunderstorm – probably not a bad thing. (Back to size 9 Asics 2120s.)