Taking a Ribbing :-(

Boo. I’ve run once in the previous four days and it didn’t go well. On Tuesday, I set out to see if I could run a track workout. Ha! Upon starting my rib hurt intensely. It hurt so bad that I literally stopped three times within the first block. I ran over to the track to see my friends, but quickly knew there wasn’t going to be any speed work for me. After getting moving, my rib hurt somewhat less, but my knee was sore, really slowed me down, and intermittently radiated pain. It was a real chore to run les than 3 miles. :-(

I took yesterday off and am debating not running today. I need to be ready to pace 10k worth of a triathlon on Saturday. I know I can suck it up for that long; however, I’d like for it not to be an ordeal. I’d also like to get back to training!