Taking a Break

It’s time for me to acknowledge and move forward with taking a break from running. For whatever reason, I’ll likely keep logging my daily mile for the time being, so that the otherwise useful streak is still there for me when I come back. However, for all intents and purposes, I’m not running at the moment. I can’t say I’m comfortable with that most of the time, but it’s time to accept it. This is no pity party, just a public acknowledgement of what is.

How has it come to be? Plenty of reasons. Most are probably individually addressable, but in totality, they’ve been more than I’ve been willing to take on. *shrug* So be it.

At this point, there’s no lighthouse on the horizon calling me in a direction. No outing or event that will turn around my motivation in the face of my obligations. Anything in the near term is a no go and, long ago, I dedicated the second half of the year to work, so 2022 it is.

Most of what I write about in this column springs directly or indirectly from my own running. Without running, or at least much of it, I’ll likely put a hold on this column for a while until the miles and words start to flow again. Honestly, I look forward to that time… I’m just not going to hurry it. See ya on down the trail.

Cement Creek - Silverton - June 2021

[And while it might not yet be reflected on the official entrants list, I’ve pulled from this year’s Hardrock 100.]