Day 4

“…hula hooping was much easier as a kid.”

View east from the western slope of the Tetons.

Too much to write about Days 2 and 3 and not enough time, so here’s the Day 4 update. It’s only 3 p.m., but it’s already a great day. Steve and I got up early and hit the trails around 8:30. We headed north from Teton Village on the Valley Trail. After a half mile climb we were treated to some great rolling single track. Not too many spectacular vista, but a wonderful forest to run through. Near the turn around we saw a doe with two fawns. We treated ourselves to beer and lunch at the Snake River Brewing Co. I love their OB-1, an organic ale, and the spicy peanut chicken with tofu substituted for chicken. Yum. The Kolner I drank was also tasty. I’m in a short break before heading out to the Jackson Hole Music Festival where Los Lonely Boys are playing.

Los Lonely Boys put on a decent show. Also, hula hooping was much easier as a kid.

Daily miles: 5
Daily elevation gain: 6,115′
Trip miles: 70
Trip elevation gain: 15,127′
Weekly miles: 5

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  1. Colleen

    Hey Bryon!Olga sent me your Blog…your a better hula hooper then you're letting on!Stay in touch & enjoy your time out West.:-)-Colleen

  2. Lisa Smith-Batchen

    Bryon!the door to you will always be open…in Tucson or in the Tetons. So glad your great buudy lives in Tucson..this way we know we will get to see you to:) Thank you so very much for the amazing gift you gave to all of help Friday night and all your support and pace efforts through the weekend. I have to impressive your kind soul is to all of us. We will be looking to put on a race in you better start training. Enjoy your stay in the TetonsLisa and Jay

  3. Trail Goat

    Wow, what an event?! To reconnect with old friends (Olga), to meet those I come across on the net (Sherpa John), and to meet such wonderful new people (Colleen, Lisa, Jay)… what a time! While I have had the greatest season as an ultrarunner, my weekend in the Tetons reaffirmed my love of the ultrarunning community.

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