Day 8

Another day to sleep in…. ahhhhhh. Gotta rest up for the big weekend pacing Michael Wedemeyer at the Wasatch 100. Just as I was nervous to pace Andy Jones-Wilkins (his blog) at the Grand Teton 100, I feel that pacing “Weed” is more than I can handle. Fortunately, pacing AJW to a four and three-quarter hour course record (!?!?) and still being able to pace for another 25 miles last weekend has given me some confidence. That said, I didn’t want to take any chances, so with much self-restraint I limited my last run in Park City for the year to a three and a half mile road run up through Deer Valley. My legs are a bit tired, so this was a smart choice.

After my run, I met up with some local clients for a lunch and Windy Ridge Cafe. (I recommend the Southwestern Corn Chowder.) The lunch was very comfortable and conversation enjoyable. I was pleased when the VP of the big company comment that I was much more self-confident and comfortable than two years ago. :-) I definitely feel that’s the case professionally, and I’m glad that others have noticed.

This afternoon was my first lazy afternoon of chatting on the phone and catching up on blog entries at a coffee shop. About to head back to the hotel to get ready for the “welcome dinner” for my friend Genevieve’s wedding this weekend. Gonna miss the actual wedding so I can pace.

Daily miles: 3.5
Daily elevation gain: 329′
Trip miles: 115.5
Trip elevation gain: 26,195′
Weekly miles: 50.5