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Ok, super quick update here. (1) I have no idea how much I’m running these days, only it’s not much. […]

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Ok, super quick update here.

(1) I have no idea how much I’m running these days, only it’s not much.

(2) Without time for long runs or even runs everyday, I started working in some harder efforts three weeks ago. The runs are continuous efforts at slightly easier than tempo/threshold pace. I’ve been shooting for 165 bpm and am generally successful at keeping my HR between 164 and 170 when on the track. I tend to range from 165 to 173 on the bike path (when the bike path is closed). I started by running five miles at that effort and have added half a mile each week. Yesterday, I ran 6.5 miles at an average of 6:22 pace on the track. For the first three miles I averaged closer to 6:15 and was successful at keeping my HR locked between 165 and 168. As the workout wore on, my HR and pace drifted higher. While my running was subject to degradation during the workout, I was quite happy with it. Only three weeks ago a mile or two at this effort was mentally uncomfortable and I felt physically awkward at that sort of pace, even if I was no less physically capable of the effort than I am today. The good news is I felt very comfortable at that pace and while my legs did get a little heavy towards the end, I could have kept up the effort (though as the workout showed, not the pace) for a long while more.

(3) With his blessing, I’ve bagged pacing my good friend, clubmate, and Montrail-Nathan teammate Mike Mason at the Massanutten Mountain Trails (MMT) 100 this weekend. I have to move out of my apartment by end of day Monday and still need to do much work before I can move my stuff. I have a very busy weekend ahead of me.

(4) Even though I can’t go have fun in the mountains this weekend, only ran half the Bull Run Run 50 miler, and skipped Miwok 100k, I’m strongly leaning towards sticking with me plans to run the Rocky Mountain Double Marathon in Wyoming. I have the nagging feeling that I should be in the mountain West… and now. Each of the past two years I’d soon be on my way to Park City, Utah for the summer. I once again feel the call. Also, this trip would be my first ever vacation with only my dad. I’m looking forward to some quality time with him. Also of interest will be how an out of shape low-lander handles 52 miles of running (and it’s all runnable) and 8,000’+! Sounds like a blast to me! :-D

(5) I’m reconsidering my plans to run the Vermont 100. Last Wednesday, the idea to run Leadville as a substitute popped into my head. Completely independently, Mike Mason suggested that I run the San Diego 100 instead. In turn, that go me thinking of Angeles Crest as another option. So many great 100 miler options that I wouldn’t feel bad about skipping Vermont. I run so few 100s that I’d prefer to be able to run each 100 miler strongly rather than just go through the motions… that’s what 50k are for. ;-)

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