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I’m going to try something new. Every time (or nearly every time) I run a Hadd workout, I’ll write about […]

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I’m going to try something new. Every time (or nearly every time) I run a Hadd workout, I’ll write about it. That’s not so different, as I’ve already posted about a bunch of Hadd workouts. What I hope to start is to have a brief rolling summary of my previous workouts. That way, you (and I ) can more easily see see what I hope will be slow but step improvement. Without further adieu, here’s my most recent four workouts.

June 15
Rather that go out with friends on my birthday, I ran a track workout. It was a nice one. Probably the first workout where I could show improvement. I ran 6 miles at an average pace of 6:22 and a HRave of 163 bpm.

June 19
Hot. Really hot. Really $#%^in’ hot. Well over a 100F heat index. I’ve run hard in the heat, but hot and humid is awful. I ran 1 mile at 6:40 pace and a HRave of 164 bpm. Yeah, only a mile a bpm higher HR ave AND 18 seconds per mile slower than 4 days earlier. I bagged the workout, jogged a couple miles, and headed home.

June 20
Here we go again. Wednesday was more successful than Tuesday. It was NOT stellar as it was a couple seconds per mile than recent workouts, but it was solid. I ran 6 miles at 6:27 pace and a HRave of 164 bpm.

Oops, forgot to add that after 6 miles I decided to have a little fun and ran an uncontrolled seventh mile in the 5:40 range. It was a hard effort, but not all out.

June 22
I came home from work, did some work in the garden, and decided that my legs were heavy enough to bag the workout. I went to the garden and ate some cucumbers. Then I realized my legs weren’t that tired, I was being a woose, I need to get in shape, and it ws a beautiful day to hit the track. Thank goodness I went. I ran 5 miles at 6:16 pace and a HRave of 165 bpm. Could be my best workout yet.

Hadd Logg
Date – Dist. – Pace (ave) – HR ave (bpm)

6/22 – 5 miles – 6:16 – 165
6/20 – 6 miles – 6:27 – 164 [Bonus 7th mile in 5:4?]
6/19 – 1 mile – 6:40 – 164 [Too hot]
6/15 – 6 miles – 6:22 – 163
6/13 – 3.75 miles – 6:29 – 164 [Ended by thunderstorm]
6/5 – 5 miles – 6:29 – 163
[After this point I decided I should be working out at less than 165 bpm]
5/24 – 5 miles – 6:26 – 167
5/22 – 8 miles – 6:15 – 169
5/17 – 5 miles – 6:11 – 166
5/15 – 6.5 miles – 6:22 – 167
5/8 – 6 miles – 6:36 – 172 [bike path]
4/30 – 5.5 miles – 6:40 – 167 [bike path]
4/25 – 5 miles – 6:22 – 165

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