Looking for Floor Space for Way Too Cool 50k (and a Workout Report)

So I’m headed out to California next weekend for Way Too Cool and am hoping that someone who reads my blog lives in the area or is headed to WTC wouldn’t mind me crashing with them at least on Friday night and possibly Saturday night. Any one? :-D

In other news, I ran my first non-race “workout” of the year yesterday. I intended to get some miles in at an effort of 160 bpm. I stuck to that pretty well, though my HR was higher on hills and a couple time other times when I got carried away. My GPS had me at an average moving pace of 6:35 for 8 miles. For most of the run, I’m pretty sure I was cruising at between 6:00 and 6:20 pace. Not bad for a first workout of the year. I’ll admit that I felt a bit awkward running at such a “fast” pace (keep in mind I ran a marathon at this pace last May), but I did have something left at the end. This bodes well for my fitness.

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  1. loomdog

    That is it, big man put in those miles….with some of them fast. I consider you my vertual training partner. I need something, and looking at Crowther and Patrick Russell's blog is a bit depressing as they are SOOOOOOOOOO good right now. Keep the updates coming. Tomorrow I hope to get in 13 with the last 5 at 6:30pace.Loomdog

  2. Trail Goat

    Thanks, Crash. It will be an interesting race, for sure.Greg, I look forward to being your virtual training partner. With that in mind, I should be better about posting my workouts and weekly mileage. Enjoy your workout on Saturday – I'll be out for an easy run at the Seneca Creek 50k.

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