Lame (also, lamest 100th post ever!)

Last night was the best running night in Arlington since early last spring… and I didn’t run. Boo. If wait four or five months every year for this day and I didn’t take advantage of it. There’s no secret that I hate (yes, hate) DC summers and last night definitely marked it’s end. What stopped me from running, I was on my knees scrubbing a floor with wicked toxic adhesive remover in hopes that I can sand it tonight and eventually make the room usable. Fun. Not sure my lungs will ever be the same. I had planned on running later, but that never happened and by the time I had cleaned up my tools, It was after midnight, I was tired and nauseous, and a run just wasn’t going to happen.

I did indulge myself for 15 minutes when all was scrubbed and done. I whipped up some tortellini/vegetable stock soup, put on my Petzl Tikka Plus, went out in my backyard, and read from The World Without Us as I ate dinner. It was absolutely gorgeous out! As much as I hate DC sumer, I love autumn.