The Week of February 25 – March 2, 2008

Synopsis of Week’s Training:
Oh, the joys of the really lengthy long run. With the Old Pueblo 50 on Saturday, I managed to run the fewest number of days in any week in 2008 – 3 – and yet still have my highest mileage week on the year with 61.5 miles logged.

The early part of the week was, in a word, lame. I took off Monday with travel from North Carolina and then I came down with a cold that had me feeling awful and on the verge of canceling my trip to Arizona. I did manage to get out on Tuesday for a few miles in an attempt to loosen up after the Mount Mitchell Challenge. While Tuesday was my first run in the La Sportiva Raceblades, I will hold off any commentary until I wear them for a run during which I’m not otherwise feeling awful. I took off both Wednesday and Thursday.

Big cacti on my my Finger Rock Trail excursion.
Within minutes of reaching my hotel in North Tucson, I did what any dedicated trail runner does, I slipped into my running clothes (and my new Raceblades) and set out to explore the local trail system. Unfortunately, I took a wrong turn and ended up running along the roads a good bit. One nice thing about the roads in the Foothills area of Tucson is that they are consistently flanked by actual trails or wide dirt/gravel shoulders that make for good improvised trails. Eventually, I made it to the Finger Rock Trail and explored the first half mile or so of the trail before heading back to my hotel. Two things I noticed during the run other than the tremendous natural beauty of the area was that it was @#$%@ hot for February (we’re talking 80 degrees!?) and that I ran 7 miles the day before a 50 miler. Oops!

I’ll save my account of the Old Pueblo 50 for a full … or at least an abbreviate race report. I’ll just say that I didn’t race it, which allowed me to take many a picture on course. Take a look at my Old Pueblo 50 mile pictures.

Steve and I decided that Sunday was better spent driving up to the top of Mt. Lemmon at the east of of the Catalinas. Whereas Friday and Saturday were hot, I got to play in the snow in Arizona while up on Lemmon!

By The Numbers:
Monday – 0. Travel.
Tuesday – 3.5. Awful/sick.
Wednesday – o. Sick.
Thursday – 0. Sick.
Friday – 7. Shakeout.
Saturday – 51. Old Pueblo 50.
Sunday – 0. Rest.

Weekly Mileage: 61.5
Year-to-Date Mileage: 424
Three Week Moving Average: 56.3
Year-to-Date Weekly Average: 48.8

Upcoming Training Goals:
Take the next week as a recovery week. Get a 20+ miler in on the weekend.