The Week of February 18-24, 2008

Mike Mason Mount MitchellGretchen and Mason dropping me early on Friday’s run.

Synopsis of Week’s Training:
For reasons I do not recall, I took Monday off. Tuesday, I logged a decent 7.5 miles around Arlington, while I ran home from work on Wednesday. I took Thursday off as my sis and I tried to beat an ice storm down the Blue Ridge Mountains – we did and arrived in Asheville, NC a little after 3 a.m. Friday morning.

After picking up a pair of La Sportiva Fireblades, I hit the first trail section of the Mount Mitchell Challenge with Gretchen and buddy, Mike Mason. Mike and I headed about 3 miles up the trail before reflecting on the beauty of trail running and being outdoors while resting at an overlook.
A reflective Mike Mason.

The pace of our shakeout run ended up being crazy close to the moving pace on race day (10:04 on Friday, 10:02 on Saturday). Afterwards, Gretch, Mike and I hit a vegetarian restaurant in Black Mountain and then hung at the neighboring coffee shop with Greg Loomis.

Of course, Saturday was the Mount Mitchell Challenge. (My Mount Mitchell Challenge race report.) Sunday my sister and I hobbled around Asheville – no running.

By The Numbers:
Monday – 0. Rest.
Tuesday – 7.5
Wednesday – 6.5
Thursday – 0. Travel.
Friday – 5.5. Shakeout.
Saturday – 38. Mount Mitchell Challenge
Sunday – 0. Rest.

Weekly Mileage: 57.5
Year-to-Date Mileage: 362.5
Three Week Moving Average: 55.2
Year-to-Date Weekly Average: 46.9

I always new my Jersey bred sister was born to run!

Upcoming Training Goals:
Another light training week in light of the 50 miles at Old Pueblo on Saturday. Get plenty of rest. Try and get in one quality weekday run. Enjoy Old Pueblo. Remember to have an off week following Old Pueblo!