The Week of January 28-February 3, 2008

Synopsis of Week’s Training:
Now THAT’s what I’m talking about! Six days of running this week with a 10 mile weekday run, a 16+ mile run on the weekend and feeling fresh when the whole thing is done. As a bonus, I ran in shorts more often than not.

Monday, I ran an easy 5 miles for recovery and Tuesday I ran home from work for 6 miles. It was quite a nice run, as I wrote about here. Wednesday morning I got up before the crack of dawn to run down to meet a former training at that Iwo Jima Memorial by 6:30. After a nice run down towards the Potomac, GM and I ran an old training loop while catching up, and then I finished up by running commuting to the office. Thursday was another easy run before I took Friday off in favor of a relaxing night at home.

I started the weekend off right with another run with an out of town friend. This time it was an easy 5. Sunday morning I ran 16+ with Sean Meissner. We ran 3 miles out to Potomac Overlook Park, headed through the park, and then ran north out the Potomac Heritage trail. While I’d run all of the components, I’d never run from my house out to the Potomac Heritage Trail. It was great having company for a long run. This run also marked the first time this year that I affirmatively good. Whereas I was dragging at mile 9 last week, I still had pep in my step this week. I had a desire to run further and faster. What a great way to end the week!

OH wait, I ended the week mixing nuun with alcoholic beverages… but more on that later! ;-)

By The Numbers:
Monday – 5. Easy.
Tuesday – 6.5. Feelin good.
Wednesday – 10.5 Morning “long” run fun.
Thursday – 5. Easy.
Friday – 0. Rest.
Saturday – 5. Easy.
Sunday – 16.5. “Long”.

Weekly Mileage: 48
Year-to-Date Mileage: 197
Three Week Moving Average: 41.7
Year-to-Date Weekly Average: 40.8

Upcoming Training Goals:
Make it out at least six days. Increase the distance of everyday runs until 6, though 5 is a ok if I need a true rest day. Shoot for one or two runs that are longer, faster, or hillier than standard training runs. I also need to try and build on this weeks 16 miler with something in the 18-20 mile range.