Wasatch Speed Goat Racing Team

Beginning in 2009 (if not sooner), the Wasatch Speed Goat Racing Team will join the ranks of sponsored ultrarunning teams. To join the team, runners will need to have 6 races on their schedule including at least 100 miler. According to Scott Mason, WSGRT Captain and top goat over at the Wasatch Speed Goat blog, he’s not looking for runners who necessarily finish at the top of the podium every ultra, but rather he’s looking for consistent finishers. As I commented on Scott’s blog, the team’s focus on solid but non-elite runners reminds me of the late Vasque team and Montrail regional team. Needless to say, Scott shouldn’t have any problem finding runners to fill out his squad.

If you are interested in joining the Wasatch Speed Goat Racing Team or just want to read more about the forthcoming team, take a look at Scott’s introductory post.

Speaking of ultrarunning teams, check back soon for a post about the major ultrarunning teams in 2008.