2008 Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team Named

Now that Scott Mason has made it official, I can proudly announce that I’m now running as part of the Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team. iRunFar previously covered the formative rumblings WSGMRT in early March when Scott first posted his idea for the team and again in the iRunFar 2008 Ultrarunner Sponsorship series post regarding small ultramarathon teams. With 16 ultramarathoners on initial Wasatch Speed Goat roster, the WSGMRT needs to be bumped up to the large ultrarunning team post!

With the likes of Olga Varlamova, Amy Sproston, Kelly Ridgway, and Steve Pero on the team, it should be a hoot! I am very much looking forward to meeting in-person my teammates who’ve I’ve only met online, if at all.

At the moment, team sponsors include Wasatchspeedgoat.com (obviously!), Nathan, First Endurance, nuun, Petzl, and Backcountry.com. With backcountry.com on board and a number of shoe related pro deals in the works, I’m looking forward to trying out lots of different shoes and gear this year. What this means for you, iRunFar reader, is that there should be many more iRunFar shoe and gear reviews this year!

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  1. Grae Van Hooser

    Very Nice!Sounds like you'll have a lot of fun on the team. Scott and his wife are very enthusiastic people and very "real". I had the pleasure of being a teammate of Scott's on the Montrail regional team back in 05'and we ended up finishing close to each other in a couple of races, which would result in him passing me at the end! I know he has the wisdom to manage the team differently then the MRT, which seemed to be kind of an ass kiss festival or a "my friends" list by the team manager.I recommend you run the Wasatchspeedgoat 50k if you have the opportunity this summer. I did it last year, and despite taking a wrong turn and running 4-5 extra miles, I really had a lot of fun. Those Utah boys sure know how to run the steep!

  2. olga

    You beat me to this post, hey, not fare! Somebody complained on not enough time!!! OK, man, glad to have you on board, with all the thinking:)

  3. ultrastevep

    Yes, this will be a good start to a great team for sure….and I am happy to be a part of it :-)Three scrapes to Scott and Tim for pulling it off!See you all around the country somewhere on some trail!StevePS: Brennan, wish I could come down and pace you, but have to save my vaca time for Hardrock ;-) See you at Pittsfield Peaks 53 miler in June!

  4. Brennen

    That's OK, Steve. I was just trying to get Mikey Mason's goat (get it?). Alex Kahl will assume passing duties as usual, and a cast of thousands will crew.

  5. Trail Goat

    Thanks, all. I'm pretty excited about the team. Gonna get my goatself back in shape and tear it up this fall! Grae,I'd love to make it out for the Speedgoat 50k – so many good trails out there. That said, I'm trying to cut down on my flights to 50ks!

  6. Trail Goat

    Mike and Brennen, let me clear things up. This old goat will pace that Mason goat as he thinks Mason goat would let him pace Mason goat even if this old goat is now a speed goat.

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