Size of Montrail-Nathan Ultrarunning Team Reduced for 2008

Beginning in 2008, the Montrail-Nathan running team will be reduced from its current size of nearly 90 runners to 15 or 20. I am one of the many who will not be returning to the team next year. While I have heard the future team status of a few M-N teammates, I will let those individuals share the news if and when they choose. However, from the reports that I have heard, the reduction has affected some prominent national team members in addition to the majority of regional level runners. I am thankful for the support that Montrial, Nathan, and the other sponsors have given and continue to give to the sport of ultrarunning as well for the many new friends I have made through my involvement with the M-N team this year.

Scoring members of Team Montrail following our team victory at the 2007 JFK 50.
(from l-to-r: me, Sean Meissner, and Eric Grossman) -photo by Ed “Cappuccino” Cacciapaglia
[Not shown are teammates Greg Loomis and Ragan Petrie.]

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  1. Anonymous

    Bryon – I caught a glimpse of the 15 – 20 runners still on the team. The decision making seems tied in large part to ambassadorship. There are a handful of very competitive runners, but quite a few competitive runners were let go too… This is an opportunity more than anything. Montrail just hasn't been the same since Columbia bought them, and we all knew it would go down hill when they did. I think everyone on the team would agree that the reps were anything but responsive. The company's ability to manage inventory is, well, pathetic. And I imagine it will be just a matter of time before Montrail shoes are more the exception than the rule at ultra races. Columbia might succeed in making them popular on college campuses throughout America, but with that popularity (and the margin pressure that comes with being a brand sub of a large public company), you can bet quality will continue to deteriorate. Can you say Nitrus??These guys don't have a clue. Can you imagine what they'd do if they ever got their hands on Patagonia?

  2. Bob Gentile

    Hey Bryon, COngrats on your JFK race! You ran a smoking time after getting ur butt up early and driving in that am :-)Way to go!!… it was a good time & hope to see you at other future events!

  3. Trail Goat

    Thanks, Bob. I should have a JFK race report up in a couple days. I'll definitely see you at future events. 2007 isn't over yet and I'm already psyched for 2008!

  4. annette bednosky

    Hi Bryon,Great run at JFK-what a weekend! My spirits were quickly dampened soon after arriving home…when realizing our team got so small.And I am very exicited to continue with the Montrail Team for sure-yet will miss the size and having teamates all over! I am glad to call you an ultrarunning friend (at least via blog and participation in shared races!)and expect we'll stay in touch by way of trail and blog posts…

  5. Trail Goat

    Annette,I'm glad I didn't put my cellphone in my finish line drop bag – that would have been a depressing email to get ahead of the Team win. I'll definitely look positively on my M-N team days, as it did lead to some cool trail friendships. I know that I won't be checking your or Olga's or Sophie's or Hart's (you get the idea) blogs any less often just because I'm off the team. And you… well, you couldn't get rid of me if you tried. I can hardly think of a 2007 race we were both running where you and I weren't one just in front of the other, and occasionally sharing trail time. (Think Uwharrie, MMTR, JFK.) In just the next two months I'll see you at Hellgate and then Mount Mitchell Challenge.Happy trails,Bryon

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