Higher and Higher

I forgot to mention one aspect of my workout last night – my runner’s high DURING the workout. While I’ve had many runner’s highs over the years, I cannot recall ever having had one during a workout. After 6 miles or so, I was not my normal self. I wold find myself looking around, staring at the sky as if it I’d never seen the sky before and it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I was dazed, but not confused. Fun stuff. Before you try some long speed work, just remember that the first one’s always free… and then it’ll cost ya. ;-)

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  1. Loomdog

    I should hit Arlington July 5-7th. We should get together and run some. Then after Vermont, get together every couple of weekends for some GOOD threshold runs. Ideally I would run 3-6 hours in the mountains one wekend then the next do 12-20 with 6-10 miles of that at a strong Tempo pace.Virginia ultrarunning history lore has Clifton, Morton, and Campbell banging out 10 milers at 6min or under pace on a regular basis together…..back when they OWNED ultrarunning on the east coast.Good luck this weekend say hello to Rob and Kathy Youngren for me.

  2. olga

    High is awesome! And your tempo runs are clicking very nicely. One day I'll be a good girl and find a way to stick with a patient training program:)

  3. Trail Goat

    Loomis,I look forward to some good threshold runs with you shortly. Why not do both long runs the same weekend? Run fast first and mountain later. Much easier than the other way around. Alternately, it's possible to sneak in a fast long run during the week. 12 to 20 miles with some fast stuff shouldn't take much more than 2 and a half hours, maybe significantly less. I think you, Keith, Sean, Schuster, and me could really tare things up. Pretty impressive and cool that we've got so many great runners so close at hand. We could always invite Mongold and Eric Grossman up for some fun as well. Got some good ladies who could keep up with us… or be ahead if you look at my current fitness level. I sure wouldn't want to race Sproston at the moment.

  4. Trail Goat

    Olga,Try patient. I look at training plans in terms of years. A single focus race get at least 6 months of dedicated training. All other races are either long training runs or tune ups for the big day.

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