Flyin' Bryon

I’ve only got time for a short post, but here goes. I’ve been short on time the past couple days, which I’ve dealt with by running hard three of those four days. I was pretty sore come Monday after running most of Sunday’s 12 mile run at a moderately quick pace. What probably got me was pushing the 4 mile climb from the Potomac to my place.

Last night, I hit the track almost ran a compliant Hadd workout. 5 miles at 6:18 pace with my ave pace just a tad high at 166 bpm. After the Hadd portion, I stretch for 2 minutes and launched into a fast 1600 meters. While I didn’t take splits, I felt like they were pretty even. Final time 5:12. I know that a fast mile is not part of my training plan, but it’s fun and I don’t think it’s too detrimental. I also think the small amount of actually fast stuff (6:18 pace might get hard, but doesn’t feel “fast”) will help with my running efficiency and in the long run protect against injuries by building support muscle.