Flyin' Bryon

I’ve only got time for a short post, but here goes. I’ve been short on time the past couple days, which I’ve dealt with by running hard three of those four days. I was pretty sore come Monday after running most of Sunday’s 12 mile run at a moderately quick pace. What probably got me was pushing the 4 mile climb from the Potomac to my place.

Last night, I hit the track almost ran a compliant Hadd workout. 5 miles at 6:18 pace with my ave pace just a tad high at 166 bpm. After the Hadd portion, I stretch for 2 minutes and launched into a fast 1600 meters. While I didn’t take splits, I felt like they were pretty even. Final time 5:12. I know that a fast mile is not part of my training plan, but it’s fun and I don’t think it’s too detrimental. I also think the small amount of actually fast stuff (6:18 pace might get hard, but doesn’t feel “fast”) will help with my running efficiency and in the long run protect against injuries by building support muscle.

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  1. Loomdog

    Fast stuff is good! I must do some myself…after healing break. I think I would have benefitted from 2-3 miles per week at an intervall type 95 5 effort. My training really didn't have that at all. Striders are good too. I want to get back in that habit.

  2. Trail Goat

    Greg,I've work some striders in after a couple workouts. I need to do them more regularly. They're so easy and really do make a difference on the long run. While they might not directly train you for the eccentric contractions on hills, I'd bet the increased running economy would lessen the impact of those contractions.I'm still unsure that fast intervals have too much benefit for ultras. Cruise intervals would be fine, but why run 10k or faster pace for anything (striders excepted)? I actually feel guilty when I've run the two fast one-mile segments recently… but not too guilty. ;-)

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