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Bryon Powell trainingIn days long gone, I used iRunFar as my personal running blog on which I’d frequently write about my runs and update others regarding my training. In recent years, I’ve made occasional attempts to post less frequent, but regular training updates. Those attempts typically haven’t lasted long. With that in mind, I’ve decided to publish my online training log. While I don’t update it daily, I do upload my Garmin data every week or so. That means you can come back and check to see how my training is going at any time. If I do publish any narrative training updates articles on iRunFar, I’ll add links to them at the bottom of this article. I may also publish short narrative updates there from time to time.

Feel free to ask questions about my training, to leave some encouragement, or otherwise comment on my training.

As the current embedded solution is admittedly inelegant. Until I can improve it, you can look at a full screen version of the log.

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February 9, 2011
My training had be remarkably consistent for many months … until mid-January. That’s when I decided to make a final push on a big work project with the intention of it being done by the end of January. I’m still working on it today. That means many skipped or severely shortened runs over the past 3+ weeks. In addition, I’ve been working roughly 18 hour days during that span, so my sleep has suffered and I generally feel like crap. Hopefully, my life and training will return to normal after I hit a milestone on the project later today. Tomorrow, I head off to Death Valley for long weekend getaway. Some warmth and dry trails might be just what I need to kick start my training.

January 26, 2011 Update
For those who don’t know, at the moment I’m training for the Western States 100 and Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc. My scheduled tune up races include Red Hot Moab 55k, the Buffalo Run 50k, and Rocky Mountain Double Marathon. (Yes, I realize )

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  1. Stu

    Couple of questions –

    Have you got your training all planned out up until Western States or are you focusing on other races in the short term first? If so which ones?

    What's your favourite training sessions?

    If you've answered these questions all ready feel free to point me in the right direction :-)

    Good luck with your training Bryon! Looking forward to hearing how you get on at Western States and other races

  2. Moogy

    Great to read dude!! All the best…

    I too am trying to get back into it, after a tendon tear at WS. Am going to try to resurrect my blog as well.

    I have C2M in just over a month and THAT is going to be interesting. ;)

    Run on…

  3. Andre

    First I started to look at your maps, but then quickly I ignored these and focused on your training item commentary to pick up gems like e.g. "Sub-tempo mile to meet Geoff Roes and Dave Mackey." … Thanks for sharing and hope you get back into a steady training rhythm. I know exactly how it feels when you go for a few weeks without due to work demands, injury etc.

    Keep it up.

  4. Jadon Ross

    Looks like you've got a great year ahead of you. I'm planning on doing my first 50 miler this year and using the Buffalo Run 25k as a beginning training race. Hope to see you on the Island!

  5. Trail Clown

    Yo Bryon, it's about time you got your arse in gear and started serious training. Great to hear. 18 hour days doesn't sound conducive to the usual recovery recommendations, hope it calms down soon. Of course it may never calm down, with the firestorm of controversies on your site. Sorry that some of the posters don't get you or your intentions for the sport. You have the steward spirit, and the entrepreneur's energy, and some people get a teensy bit jealous (me included!)…but man, personal attacks on your website…it's a good thing you have that lawyer background! Stay tough, climb those hills, remember to eat chia seeds, and keep up the challenging and provocative posting, it's gonna be cool to see what comes out of this big project that's keeping you up all night.

  6. Dave M

    Good on ya Brian. Awesome work ethic.. if your projects are as good as your blog it will be a success.

    Red Hot "55K"? I reckoned it was a tad long.

  7. Theo

    Hey Bryon,

    Wondering what Garmin you are using. I was thinking of getting the 110. How does yours work in dense woods I have had issues in the past with bad reception w/ the 405.

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