Bryon Powell Post-2011 Western States 100 Interview

Continuing in the tradition of my pre-race interview with Andy Jones-Wilkins, we again turned the camera around to have AJW interview me post-race. Find out a bit about my rough stretches, my gear, and whatever other ridiculousness Jizzle Wizzle and I could come up with. For those looking for something a bit more analytical, I will be posting a full race report in the next few weeks. Let’s just say it was a special run out there.

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  1. Dan

    Congrats on a great race and even better race day coverage! Although now I'm going to hold you personally responsible if I can't run sub 20 on 40 mpw whenever I get around to running WS.

  2. John

    Was looking forward to this interview. You and AJW seem to have a blast chatting with each other. Congratulations on the Sub 20 Hour finish! The question is though…are you really on the fence for UTMB? I mean…it's UTMB!

  3. Todd

    AJW is a kick! He must hold the record for fastest to change his clothes and have a cold beer in his hand following this years AR50.

  4. Jim Skaggs


    I wore my Crosslite 2.0's thru the snow and felt the same as you. Almost cheating. I was watching everyone else slipping and sliding and those things were gripping nice.

  5. Kevin Hei Chan


    Congrats on your 4th finish. Thanks for the awesome coverage for states. Also, I wanna thank your mom for letting me stretch my legs out during the buckle / award ceremony.


  6. Jared T.

    Well done Bryon. Just found your book and a few months ago and been glued ever since. And thanks much for your team's coverage during the race.

  7. Andy

    Congrats on what, obviously, was the right decision to run States after much (public) consternation! THe interview is great but still begs the question: How, really, did you run 100m (and sub 20 hrs, no less) on 40 mpw? What does that training schedule look like? I also work a ton of hours and have managed 50k's and even 50m on 30-40 mpw, but 100m? What's the secret?

  8. Mats from Sweden

    Awesome run, Bryon! My congrats! I was really thrilled to see you so high up during the live coverage and was actually a bit surprised that you held it all together all the way. That result on 40 mpw! How about getting serious about training? (big smiley) What results would we see from our favorite blogger?

    Further I have a question about how your race strategy worked out when met reality?

    Thanks for all the great posts from WS100!

    1. Bryon Powell

      Mats, I think if I had a couple years of ideal training I could have possibly have run as fast as around 18 hours flat. Hopefully, I'll get to find out in the next few years.

      Overall, my race day matched up pretty well with my strategy. The biggest differences were running a big harder than planned through the first 40 miles and eating a bit less than planned after getting sick a mile 80.

  9. Brad Williams

    Hey Bryon,

    Great job at WS. I think this just shows even more what knowledge and experience gets you in the world of ultras. That's not to take away from your physical abilities at all. I'm just very impressed with how you approached the race.


    1. Bryon Powell

      Thanks, Brad. Experience was invaluable to my success last weekend. So was my casual approach. Having no expectations freed me to run in a way that was complimentary to how the day played out.

  10. Anonymous

    What an enjoyable interview to watch! AJW is a piece of work and a joy to watch on film!

    Good luck getting ready for UTMB.

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