The Week of December 11 – 17, 2006

Synopsis of Week’s Training:
After a hard Sunday in the mountains I took Monday off to rest some moderately sore quads. Tuesday was an easy 5 (part with Drew). Wednesday was great. I ran to the track and warmed up with friends, went out for a run while they worked out, and then cooled down with them. I also got to catch up with my friend, Elaine, who I hadn’t seen in ages. Easy runs of 7.5 and 5 on Thursday and Friday.

Saturday was awesome. I went to Hemlock Overlook in the Bull Run-Occaquan system for the VHTRC’s Magnus Gluteus Maximus 50km (a.k.a Holiday Fatass 50k). I saw and got to run with many friends who I hadn’t seen in a long time. I also got to make some new friends. The run itself was surprisingly tough. I didn’t exactly miss last week’s goal of not letting anyone push me at the fatass, but the reasonable pace we set was a harder effort than I really should have been running. I did take off at 26 miles because I just wanted to be done. I may write more on this run later.

I was amazed that my legs were at 100% on Sunday. I was wise and used my discretion to skip my road running club’s long run. At this point in my training, there’s reason to do anything more than a very easy run the day after a long run… and that’s what I did. I guess I succeeded in last week’s goal of taking this run easy. I have to note that I went out for a run after 9 p.m. in late December in shorts and a short-sleeve t-shirt… and was too warm at times. Crazy.

By The Numbers:
Monday – Off. Recovery day.
Tuesday – 5 easy.
Wednesday – 9 easy.
Thursday – 7.5 easy.
Friday – 5 easy.
Saturday – 30.5 – Holiday Fatass.
Sunday – 5 easy.

Weekly Mileage: 62
Year-to-Date Mileage: 2631
Three Week Moving Average: 58.5
Year-to-Date Weekly Average: 52.6

Upcoming Training Goals:
Run consistently during the week – even if it will be a busy week of work, travel, and festivities. No need to go “ultra” long, but try to get in an easy 20+. Run with Gretch. Run with John Parker. Run in both Washington Crossing State Park AND up on Bald Pate Mountain. Don’t go nuts on mileage.