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This is a calm before the storm, folks. I’ve spent the day (and a few years) setting up next week’s content and, man, is it gonna be awesome. For the moment, I want to highlight another two additions I’ve made to iRunFar ahead of the book launch.

Ultrarunning Resources Page
First off, there’s a new ultrarunning resources page. This page highlights a few of the very best ultramarathon resources. If you’ve been running ultras, chances are you know most of the listed websites and have heard of the listed magazines. That’s good, as this first portion of the page is intended to introduce newbies to the classics as well as a few of iRunFar’s best ultra-related articles.

The second portion of the ultrarunning resources page is dedicated to supplementing Relentless Forward Progress. There were numerous places in the book where I wanted to include more information, but where it was inappropriate to do so. In such cases, I included a note that more information could be found on this new page. In addition, I made such book-to-website references for constantly changing subjects, such as ultrarunning blogs and ultrarunning clubs, that would be otherwise impossible to update in a book.

Ultrarunning Clubs Page
Speaking of ultrarunning clubs, I created an entirely new ultrarunning clubs page to support the book. I rounded up a solid list of clubs from numerous resources here on iRunFar. Some of the clubs are specifically ultrarunning clubs, while I included other clubs that I believed have solid ultrarunning contingents. Please take a look at the list with the ultra-friendly clubs you know in mind and drop a comment here if you’ve got a club you think should be added.

That’s it for today. I hope you enjoy what I’ve been working on and are looking forward to next week!

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  1. Brian Gaines


    A correction and an addition. The CHUG website should point to http://www.chicagoultrarunners.com. The current one you have listed is dated and the old website.

    I have started another ultra running club in the Chicago area geared towards the events I put on. It's called New Leaf Ultra Runs and the website will be http://www.newleafultra.com. Would you be able to add it? We're almost 150 strong right now.

    Thanks Bryon! I'm still going to get a couple books and giveaway as prizes :)

    1. Bryon Powell

      Hey Brian,
      Thanks for the new CHUG URL. I've updated it.

      As for New Leaf Ultra, I'd love to add it, but at the moment, the URL just shows the CHUG page. Is there an error?

      Thanks for your support!

  2. Bren

    Hey, thanks for writing this book, Bryon. I received mine a couple of days ago, and have been picking away at it. It's really answering a lot of the questions I figured I'd have to pick up kinda by osmosis via web sites and blogs. Very handy and inspirational.

  3. Tina

    Thanks for these additional resources. I began reading through them back when you initially posted them. And, now that I have my awesome new runner's manual (Relentless Forward Progress), I've printed some of these articles (ie. nutrition, heat probs, etc) and tucked them into the book for easy reference and reminders. I really appreciated the topo map resources since I'm pretty much a minimalist on my runs. I map my routes the same way Tony Krupicka does via a free online tool — http://www.mapmyrun.com/ I use the satellite and topo map options to map my trail runs and calculate distance.

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