What Are Your Favorite Trail Running and Ultrarunning Resources?

We’ve got a simple question for you today: What are your favorite trail running and ultrarunning resources? Are you a print person who can’t wait for the mailman to deliver the latest issue of Trail Runner Magazine or UltraRunning magazine? Are you the social sort who relies on personal blogs, the Ultra listserv, or Facebook? Are websites your thing, you internet junkie, you?! Regardless, please leave a comment to share you favorite sources of trail running and ultrarunning info. We’ll get you started with a few of our own!

Trail Runner Magazine – Simply the best trail running magazine in the US. It’s page host a wide variety of interesting stories ranging from the growth of ultraunning to pre-race sex. Yes, it’s One Dirty Magazine.

UltraRunning – What Trail Runner Magazine is to trail running, UltraRunning is to ultrarunning… that is THE magazine on the subject. It’s a repository of race reports, but there’s also plenty of other content if results aren’t your thing.

Running Times – Adam Chase has been bringing together great trail running content in RT’s Trails section for more or less a decade. As a bonus, Running Times has the best running training advice of any running mag out there.

Honorable Mention: Trail-magazine IS in German, but you don’t need to read German to enjoy the trail porn worthy images in this e-magazine. We also can’t help but enjoy reading Outside’s Buyers Guides.

Social Media (New and Old)
Ultra Listserv – The ultra list might be older than the internet itself… or at least it seems that way. Regardless, it and its archive are great resources for aspiring and experienced ultrarunners alike. Be aware that the List serves up an enormous volume of email on everything ultrarunning. We’d suggest setting up a separate Gmail account if you subscribe. (If you want to know more about the Ultra List, check out Endurance Planet’s podcast on the subject. [broken link removed])

Facebook – Facebook has become ubiquitous enough that we feel comfortable mentioning it. While there are a ton of trail running and ultrarunning resources on Facebook, our favorites are Salomon Running for its witty discussion points and Trail Runner Magazine, which mixes informative posts with discussion starters.

Blogs – We’re not going to list our favorite personal running blogs. Instead, we mention them generally. They run the gambit from informative to inspirational. Heck, we challenge you to go read a new personal running blog today. Looking for leads, check out our blogroll.

Websites (Now you’re talking out language!)
TrailrunningSoul.com – Trail Running Soul has long been aggregating lots of trail running news stories, gear reviews, and even some video. It’s updated quite frequently and recently there’s been more original content.

Run100s.com – It’s where we go when we’re looking for info on a North American 100 mile race.

RealEndurance.com – Real Endurance has a fairly comprehensive ultrarunning calendar that’s sortable every which was and a pretty hefty trail running blogroll. The only question with Real Endurance is can you find the good stuff among the volume.

Wrap Up
Ok, now that we’ve shared a few of our favorite trail running and ultrarunning resources, we’d love for you to do the same. Throw out a couple of your favorite websites, blogs, magazines, whatever. Not in North America? Even better! Tell us where the great info is overseas!

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  1. Anonymous

    Good list, Bryon.I wish there were better print mags though, bc I don't sit 24/7 in front of a computer, even if I think about running ALL the time ;)Trail Runner is too thin (content is ok, just not enough of it for my $).Ultrarunning is a good read, but I want longer "feature" stories/articles.I used to subscribe to both, but don't have the budget anymore for things I can read in one breakfast sitting.So I cruise multiple sources on the net, including of course iRunFar!

  2. Sank

    Blogs: such as iRunFar, rundangerously, Health and Adventure, UltrarunningGuy, and numerous others (on my blog)Trail Runner Magazine: Always check their website for when the new issue is out and go across the street to the mall and pick it up.Merry Christmas ALL !!!Sanksanksrunningrants.blogspot.com

  3. Running Brad

    I just learned about from a letter in Trail Runner Magazine. Being from Pennsylvania, I think this will be a great tool for me! I love to read the blogs, the magazines, and everything else I can get my hands on. Including the ATRA newsletter.

  4. brainmapper

    Hi Bryon and All!These are the most often-visited sites that I refer (nothing new for most of us):Ultrarunning mag.Trail Runner mag.iRunFar blogsVarious blogs by some of the elite trail/ultrarunners that are usually mentioned in iRunFar.FacebookI'll have to check out some of the other sites as mentioned in the comments. Thanks!Paula

  5. Paige

    Well, shock of shocks, I love using iRunFar for a lot of ultrarunning stuff. I also like the following:-Wilderness Running website-UltraRunning Mag-ATRA website-All the blogs listed on my blogroll have lots o' good stuff-Ultra List-Yahoo Ultrarunning Group-And the peeps in Chicago Ultrarunning Group (CHUG)…tons of experience and stories to share with wide-eyed, bushy tailed runners like myself :)A short list, but there is a lot I look to for ultra info. Trail Runner Mag not so much anymore. I just like to look at the pictures and read some of the more toughtful articles in there now…it's becoming the Runner's World of trail running…blech.

  6. José Guimar&a

    Hi there, i'm from Portugal and you know what? We have a small country but such great conditions to do trail running and ultra trails, here and in Spain. My website talks (in portuguese, english is only with Google translation, sorry) about running and staying fit, but as i recently discovered trail running (and ultras) i frequently write a lot about this subject, write my reviews about races (and places) i go to, gear i wear, etc.

    Please take a look and if you're planning to come to Portugal this year (summer is coming and by now it's already 25ºC around here) don't hesitate to shoot me an email about tips and races to try.

    Cheers and happy (trail) races :)

  7. Oldad Norman

    The Wildebeest
    By A.J.”Gooseball” Fielder
    They primp and preen and chant their own names
    While straining to be seen by those straining to be noticed
    And become their own universe and laws of physics.
    I. Ego. Inanis.
    As there is no satisfaction in the comfort of extravagance,
    I simply choose to run down the wildebeest.
    They doubt and whine and obsess over trifles
    While planning for extravagance with others planning for excess
    And debate incessantly the meaning of inconsequential lives.
    Me. Meus. Perditus.
    As we cannot survive the miasma of opulence,
    I simply choose to run down the wildebeest.
    They are paralyzed at every fork
    While stuck in the mud of rumination
    And are unhappy because they are not happier.
    Vacuous. Imperfectus.
    As mine did well for a thousand generations
    I simply choose to run down the wildebeest.
    They choose comfort above life
    While complaining that they got no further
    And are incredulous when their excuses result in no audience, much less gain.
    excusatio non petita accusatio manifesta
    With persistence and without excuses
    I simply choose to rise again and run down the wildebeest.

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