International Trail Running and Ultrarunning Resources

Trail running and ultrarunning have exploded around the globe over the past decade. With that, a multitude of great magazines, websites, and forums have sprung up worldwide to meet local runners’ call for information. However, at the same time, both sports have become much more international with the most curious of us looking beyond national and linguistic boundaries to read the magazines, websites, and forums of other nations.

With that in mind, I’m hoping all of your will suggest the best trail running and ultrarunning resources in countries other than the US. (We’ve previously discussed American trail and ultrarunning resources.) We’ll be adding some of your suggestions to the below lists.

Even if you don’t have any suggestions for resources, we’d love to hear from our international readers, so please say “hi” and where you’re from in a comment.

international ultrarunning magsMagazines (Each magazine has a complimentary website)

News Sites

Forums/Bulletin Boards

Last Updated: March 3, 2018