The Best Ultrarunning and Trail Running Blogs and Websites

Below are some blogs and websites that I read regularly. Take a look and hopefully you’ll enjoy them as much as I do!

Ultrarunning Team Blogs and Websites

  • Salomon – Team member updates edited by ace trail writer Adam Chase.
  • Inov-8 – Team member racing updates and articles.
  • La Sportiva – Link is to Sportiva’s Mountain Running page as their blog is not currently updated.
  • Ultimate Direction – The UD Buzz blog with entries primarily from Anton Krupicka and Buzz Burrell

Websites with Broader Focus, but Interesting and Relevant Content

  • Mud, Sweat & Tears – Simply the best coverage of British and Irish trail running.
  • The Gear Junkie – Stephen Regenold and his writers post reviews of a wide variety of outdoor recreation gear.
  • Strength Running – General running advice that leans toward minimalism.
  • Running Shoes Guru – Reviews and tips for choosing road running shoes.

Personal Running Blogs

[* Denotes blog added or updated in recent updates]
[Last edited 3/20/13]

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  1. angie's pink fu

    what a great resource!you know, when I first started blogging two and half years ago, there was no real centralized resource for all ultrarunning blogs, training suggestions, etc., and I made it my goal to do so (especially the blogs). but it's all grown so much over the years, that I can't keep up! I gave up about six months ago :)

  2. Trail Goat

    Angie,I think any ultrarunner who's ever used the web has thought of making a comprehensive resource… and it's still not out there! I started working on the back bones of such a website a few summer ago, but alas remains undone. At this point, I know I just don't have the time to do that. Instead, I'll post what blogs I read (I'm aware of many others) and pull together some more specific resource compilations.

  3. WynnMan

    Yo Bryon! Well done at Mitchell. Love all the resources on your site. Looks like the running is going well. One thing I noticed in running last year was starting my training too soon and too many races early in the year at harder efforts. When my goal races came around in the early fall things went well, but I was fried.Can I add your site to mine?take it sleazy,Wynn

  4. Trail Goat

    Wynn,Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to add my site to your – I hope you don't mind that I did the same! I hear ya on the too many races too early in the year. Last year I was already burnt out when I ran Way Too Cool. Seriously. I only ran Mount Mitchell and Old Pueblo back-to-back as they were the focal points of trip with or to visit friends. As you can probably tell from my having taken around a 100 pics at OP50, I was running that one as a long training run. At this point I only have one race on my calendar for the entire remainder of the year – the HAT Run 50k in a few weeks. I'll surely add more races to my schedule, but for now my plan is to get into a good training rhythm and slowly and steadily build my mileage. I want to be running on all cylinders come fall… but I still have to get in shape to pace some big dogs in April, May and June.Bryon "Sleazy McBreezy" Powell

  5. Dane

    This was good news bears, Bron. Thanks for it.Plus I better actually start racing well to be included in the company I am keeping!

  6. Trail Goat

    Dane and aharmer,What am I gonna learn from genetic mutants who finish are already finished the 100 miler when I've still got 4 (or 14) hours left to go. As my blogroll suggests, I think I can learn from and be entertained by a wide spectrum of folks. Two questions for Wynn and aharmer if y'all check back in:Wynn, I'm pretty sure that I made up where you live – where you at?aharmer, what's your name? I feel like an idiot every time I write aharmer when I referring to you!

  7. aharmer

    Hi Bryon,Adam is the first name. Wynn and I prowl several of the same trails but I'll let him tell you where he calls home.

  8. Neal Jamison

    I agree with everyone — great resource. But you left out my blog! See you at Grindstone. I just put up a little story about it yesterday.Thanks,Neal Jamison

  9. Jamie

    Thanks for this great resource. I'm planning my first ultra this year – The North Face 100 Duo (50K each runner) and I'm feeding on the articles you have here.


  10. Anonymous

    I will start by saying I am fairly new to trail running. Or the concept of running trails. I have been active outdoors most of my life so trails aren't new just running them is new. I have been running trails for about a year now since I was encouraged by a co-worker. I have been training since becoming medically able after 4 years of being sidelined by health issues. I have taken thing slow but progressively moving forward.

    I am very excited for spring because as you were saying it brings the new sense of being able to run at different pace then what can be done on snow or ice.

    I will be running the Leadville trail marathon as my first real trail Marathon. I am nervous yet very excited to get the opportunity.

    As far as a name for your column it could be: FOR THE LOVE OF RUNNING.

    AM2 Steven Guthrie

    Funeral Honors Coordinator

    NOSC Denver

    7 Snowmass St. Bldg 1301 Stop 62

    Buckley AFB, CO 80011-9544

    cell 303-501-7769

    fax 720-847-6228

  11. Christopher Sandland

    Its a big ask but:

    I had made the change to minimalist running shoes a couple of years ago after bad Achilles problems up to and during my first Ultra (Baby Ultra 31M or 33 after getting lost!) I have made the transition well…and have had no further injuries since changing.

    So I am now doing a 45M 72.5K in September which will be predominantly flat and on road….doe's anyone have suggestions for footwear…I have like so many people gone through so many variations of trainers and have a few favorites Innov8 190 for real muddy trails (Winter) some zero drop for summer trails and recently NB 1010 s which are really good but rip a bit after serious wear. I have been wearing these for a few road runs and they are just too hard!

    Im running 20-25 miles regularly 50M a week Is there something out there which is in between good cushion good heel toe drop good wide fit but good ankle??

    Everyone's help much appreciated!

  12. Ricker

    Hey Bryon! Why no Love for the Vermont 100? Last time I checked it was 25% of the grand slam of ultrarunning.

    I'm just sayin'


  13. La Ruta Run Costa Ri


    I hope everything is well with you, nice to meet you via email!

    I'm contacting you from Costa Rica, where we put on a race on November, and thought you guys would

    be interested It's called La Ruta Run, and it's an ultramarathon that follows the course of the first day of

    our other race (mountainbike) La Ruta de los Conquistadores. There will be three categories: 100K, 52K

    and relays. Our inspiration for this event are the Tarahumara Indians, based in Chihuahua Mexico and

    their commitment to running, which is basically their way of life. If you are interested, I can send you the

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  14. @VernLovic

    Hi guys! I've been cranking over at

    The official description is:

    "Motivational articles to help athletes push (crank) through physical and mental barriers to competition, as well as personal development and GTD (getting things done) lifehacks."

    I also have a few gear reviews – trail shoes, Suunto watches, etc.

    Come by and let me know who you are!

    Cheers, Vern

  15. Phil Lindsay

    Hi Bryon

    I read RFP (which became my mantra), and decided to compete the Molesworth Ultra in the the high country of the South Island of New Zealand in Nov. 2015 ( I live in Christchurch so its not far away). I followed religiously (pretty much within 10km) your 70 mile a week training program. I have run 6 marathons previous and realised I was a cart horse early ever was a 3.49 (Queenstown)….but the more I trained the more I realised that my personality was far more in tune to running slow..but more kms. Great program mate fact fantastic…as it was a great day out…got through in 9hr 26 min…nothing earth shattering, but strangely discovered at 80km I felt stronger and could have kept going…Of the program…probably the best thing discovered is the ability to do the big back ups after 40km Saturdays…at the beginning this was not a dream….just insane!….yes your sore for a km or two on back ups…but your not broken, and they become harder than the event itself. Well done..great book of balanced science, with real achievable programs….People have asked me how it was..and to be honest I have said every time…”anyone can do it”…its just a game of patience….Thanks.

    1. Bryon Powell

      Hey Phil,
      So glad to hear that you found RFP helpful in your ultramarathon journey. Congrats on finishing the Molesworth Ultra.You couldn’t be more right in that nearly anyone can finish an ultra if he or she is patient enough.

      Separately, enjoy every day that you’re running in the paradise that is the South Island. I can’t wait to be over there logging many kms in just a few weeks. :-)

  16. Kechu


    It would be awesome if you remake this post and update with some new sites and blogs. Lets name it:
    “Written Inspiration and aspirational photography for the trail runner // the best and realest running www´s for 2016 season” jajaja

    PS we all know IrunFar is still the best ;)

    saludos desde Mexico.

  17. Carl

    @Christopher Sandland: If you have Achilles tendon problems, you should try compression socks with achilles tendon support. I recommended them to my friend, and they made a world of difference for him.

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