Stat in the HAT

The VERY quick summary of today’s run at HAT. I finished 5th, right in the middle of my 5 finishes there 4, 4, 5, 7, and 1?. (Those are from memory, but should be close to correct.) My time of 4:15 or so was my second slowest. About an inch of race fell up along the Susquehanna over the past day and the wet course turned into a very muddy course by the second lap. Unlike Way Too Cool a couple weeks back, I didn’t pull an bonehead moves at HAT. I went out controlled for the first lap and upped my effort for the whole of the second lap, moving from 7th to 5th in the process. That said, my upped effort towards the end did not translate into the kinda pace I’d hope it would. This could either be due to the mud under foot, the cumulative effect of running in the mud, me being tired, or me being out of shape. I may never know. Anyways, it was good to get in a hard run, have it not completely suck, not do anything stupid , chatting with multitudes of ultrarunners, and having Crewy McCrewererstein – the Gretchtastic one – join me in the venture. Now off to numb my sore legs with the Bluecoat organic gin my sister gave to me.