MdS 2009: Stage 1 (33k)

I received an education in dunes today. Completed Dunes 101, 102, & am cramming hard for my 201 final tomorrow. When the difference between running fast or slow in a race is at issue, you learn quickly.

Long story short, another temperate day. I felt that I gave an honest effort – actually a bit more than planned, but finished 35th. Covered the 33 km (20ish miles) in 3:17. Maybe 15 km of dunes, including the largest stretch in Africa. I was shivering pretty badly after the stage & have cramped up a bunch, but generally feel well. No significant blisters. All the kit works well except that my iPhone isn’t taking a charge. I will work on moving up.

Dreamchasers USA team ran well. Wardian in 7 & Ted in 16/17. Apparently the Euro team said we’re only a minute ahead of them. Pretty tight spread after 33k & 9 hours of cumulative time. We’ll see how things play out over the next 4 stages.

Meghan Hicks was the top finishing American in her class finishing 3d woman, just behind 2d.