MdS 2009: Stage 2 (36k)

Stage 2 went well for me, the Dreamchasers, & Meghan. My effort was slightly reduced today – by necessity & design. I started without any major complaint & finished the same way. However, I felt I went right at threshold yesterday & have the long stage tomorrow. Still cool, but slightly hotter & windy.

Today’s stage was slightly longer at 22-23 miles. I ran 3:35 to place 28th – an improvement over 35th yesterday. The first 15k included many dunette. From CP1, we had many flat miles & some slight hills, where I held ground. CP2 was followed by 7-8k of straight flat – my weakness, but I maintained effort at 170 bpm & caught a few. We closed the day with a small dunes section were I may up more ground.

Dreamchasers dropped to 3d team – just 2 minutes back of Euro team. Wardian = 5 & Ted = 20.

Meghan was 3d overall woman today & is 2d total.

Looking forward to the long day & hopefully more hills & dunes. I have become one with the sand.