2009 MdS: Stage 3 (56 miles)

As noted earlier, this MdS is unique in that we have not been made aware of future stages in advance. In the evening after Stage 2 we were told that Stage 3 would not be the already longer than usual 80k, but instead 91k/56 miles. We were told it was not an April fools joke & it certainly was not.

While the weather was yet again cool, it was quite windy & we ran into it for most of the first 50k. In retrospect I went too hard early, but took turns blocking the wind with other. By 25k my hip flexors were shot from all flat running on soft footing. However, between 30-40k a runner drafted off me & would not lead. I got pissed & the anger overcame my fatigue.

I ran strong until dark when I realized my glasses had broken. I ran 4.5 hours on bad footing with minimal light & poor vision. I caught Ted at CP & ran much of the rest with him. No energy last 20k.

We were 19 (Ted) & (me) 20. Team 2d. Meg 2d in stage 3 overall. I’m now 19th overall. Marathon tomorrow.

Thanks for the messages!