2009 MMT Update 3 – Gap Creek 1 (39.8 miles)

The 5.6 miles from Camp Roos to Gap Creek 1 (mile 39.8) ran tougher than usual today. A recent fire cleared things out up on top and made for some hot midday running. Meltzer (11:16) used this stretch to add another 11 minutes to his lead over Todd Walker (11:47). While Glen Redpath lost time to Karl, he gained two minutes on Todd and is now only three minutes back of the New Englander. (click below for more)

Mike Mason MMT Massanutten 2009

Mike Mason coming into Gap Creek aid station for the first time

Mike Mason (pictured above) is flying high in fourth (11:53). The guy we missed in our preview, Chris Reed, has moved into fifth, but looks like he’s working hard in the heat. Keith Knipling in sixth (12:02) is also feeling the heat – enough so that he jumped into and lied down in the stream heading into the aid station.

Amy Sproston (12:05) has moved up to seventh overall. Coming into the aid station she noted that “it’s getting hot out here.” That’s good news for Amy.

Adam Casseday (12:06) is suffering a bit and has dropped from fifth to eight. Joe Kulak (9th 12:15) noted, “It’ll be a slow day, but I’m having fun.” That’s the right attitude, Joe! Joe seemed more interested in Karl and Todd’s race than his own.