2009 MMT Update 2 – Camp Roosevelt (34.2 miles)

Karl Meltzer (10:12) opened up his lead over Todd Walker and the field between Habron Gap (mile 24.7 – no update) and Camp Roosevelt (mile 34.2). That said, he took an uncharacteristically casual approach in and heading out of the aid station. Todd Walker was 20 minutes back (10:32) and seemed to be in a good mood. Both Karl and Todd asked for ice. While it’s an unexpectedly beautiful day for spectating, it’s muggy and bound to get hotter for the runners. (click below for more)

Salomon runner, Glen Redpath was 5 minutes behind Todd at Roos (10:37). Mike Mason (10:43) entered AS 6 in good spirits and fourth place. Just one minute back, fifth place runner Adam Casseday (10:44) moved through the aid station with purposeful urgency. Keith Knipling and Chris Reed were another two minutes back.

Mike Mason MMT Massanutten 2009

Mike Mason smiling at Camp Roos.

Unsurprisingly, Amy Sproston was leading the women’s field (10:53) with no other woman within 27 minutes. She looks fresh and “[felt] better than 10 miles ago.” She was in 8th position overall.

Ninth position runner Pukin’ Joe Kulak lived up to his name in the aid station, but unphased, he moved right along.