2009 MdS Admin Day Delayed, First Stage Canceled

While we have not been told the specifics as to why, yesterday’s rain has already affected this year’s Marathon des Sables. Today’s Admin Day at the bivouac has been canceled. More important, tomorrow’s first stage has been canceled and will not be made up. The race will lose 30 km (18.6 miles) to total “only” 212 km. We will stay at our sweet hotel, Hotel Kasbah Tizimi, another night.

According to race personnel, the first bivouac was “ruined” … and not because of the British. Interestingly, a few Brits refused to take a hotel last night and slept in the washed out bivouac.

It’s still cool and overcast with a light drizzle. I expect the desert will be in full bloom by week’s end. The only change in the week’s forecast was a 1 C increase in the lowest low, which gives me comfort that my ultralight PhD Minim Ultra sleeping bag will be sufficient. I hope so, as it saves me a good bit of weight.

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  1. Anonymous

    Byron,I made it to Ouarzazate and was supposed to meet you guys today but was told to stay here and wait till tomorrow to find everyone.This is not great news as I want to be with everyone.Anyhow, should be with you all soon and hope the race is not cancelled all together.Cheers,Mike

  2. Frank's Worldwi

    Hey Byron! Bummer about the stage cancelling but I'm sure you'll find plenty more miles out there for you!! Good luck man!!Frank Fumich

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