The Week of May 5-11, 2008

After a long break, I hope to start posting weekly training updates for the foreseeable future. I had stopped when my training took a serious downturn in early March and never restarted because I wasn’t sure anyone read my training updates. However, with a teammate 4,000 miles away, I figure I should try to keep him in the loop. By posting these updates on iRunFar, I also let you know what I’m up to and hope to keep myself accountable over the next couple months. Read on for a look at my training week.

Synopsis of Week’s Training:
Alright, here’s my week. I started the week with an easy run to work. Tuesday included 8+ miles of moderate night trail running with Keith Knipling – fell hard twice. Wednesday morning broke with a progressively faster run with Mike Wardian and Steve Tappan – we cruised the last 5 at just under 7 minute pace.

On Thursday I ran my first speed session on the year and felt good enough en route to turn a 3 mile workout into a 4 mile workout. Had little trouble running 6:15-20 pace on flats and slight declines… slowed considerably on inclines. Friday was an easy run to work. I also drank too much Friday night… hence a not-so-fun not-so-fast run on Saturday.

Sunday’s long run started well with a decent 10.5 out to the American Legion Bridge. Identified wild ginger for the first time ever – a highlight of my week. Had an okay first couple miles back, but was walking by mile 15. Probably walked 2 miles total on the return trip. Got some refreshments at Potomac Overlook Park‘s Visitors Center. Was able to run the final two miles home. Was stupid for not bringing any gel – a really dumb move so early in my training.

That’s it for this week. I may post a recap of my year to date training… if I get a chance. As a side note, I’ve run every day for five and a half weeks. Feeling strong.

By The Numbers:
Monday – 7. Easy run to work.
Tuesday – 11. Moderate night trail run.
Wednesday – 10.5. Moderate run.
Thursday – 8. 4 miles hard.
Friday – 6.5. Easy run to work.
Saturday – 8.5. Hungover run.
Sunday – 21. 15 good miles, 6 awful miles.

Weekly Mileage: 72.5
Year-to-Date Mileage: 849
Three Week Moving Average: 61.2
Year-to-Date Weekly Average: 45.3

Upcoming Training Goals:
Bust out two more solid weeks of training before taking a much needed (and overdue) down week. Pace Mike Mason to a solid performance at the Massanutten 100 next weekend. Keep incorporating a speed workout every week. Eat better and get good sleep. On that note, good night.

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  1. AnthonyP

    Look like a great week of training (especialy the hungover run). I don't know where you find the time to get in 72 miles !Glad you have resurrected the Weekly Training Update posts. I enjoy reading them !

  2. Trail Goat

    Tony, I'm pretty sure that you are the only one that reads these… or at least who wants to read them. (Perhaps other people can't help but rubberneck.) I'll try to keep posting them for you as well as the other reasons I mentioned.I'll try to avoid logging another hungover run for awhile. It wasn't THAT bad – I had some practice in my earlier post-collegiate years.There are two reasons I can train so much, Tony. No family and an out of town girlfriend. I'm planning on hitting 80+ consistently from mid-June through mid-August.

  3. AnthonyP

    Reading your training updates keep me motivated. They are great !So funny…I'm always thinking of ways to send my wife and kids out of town !

  4. Derrick

    Ouch…the dreaded hangover run. I took my son to a punk concert last night and felt like I was hungover today, except without the enjoyment of the beer! Come to think of it….it was considerably cheaper that way though.

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