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A friend of mine is headed south to Central America this weekend and that got me thinking about tasty rum. I like rum, particularly good rum. Well, I mulled and muddled the topic for a we little bit before I decided a rum tasting tour of Latin America and the Caribbean might be in my future… when, as happens about every 14 seconds, my thoughts wandered to running. Alcohol and running, now we’re talking. Make the running/drinking mix a double, triple, or, heck, a full handle and we’re floored. My mind racing and intoxicated, I thought about running across Ireland drinking nothing but beer and then doing the same with rum in Jamaica or Cuba. So, that brings me to my question of the day:

What’s the best country to run across powered by nothing other than alcoholic beverages produced in that country and why?

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  1. olga

    Non-fermented – run through Russia and get shots poured every mile or so. Don't think you survive past mile 10 though:) nor do I recommend it.

  2. Trail Goat

    Olga,How did I know someone would suggest Russia!Oh what the heck – Za Zdrovye!Ps. Happy International Women's Day! Za Zhenshin!

  3. Amy

    fly down to jamaica over the weekend. it's not a big place. width varies between 22 and 50 miles, so i think we could make it. much higher probably than crossing russia.

  4. loomdog

    Fiji… it is small and could be done ina single push.. It is beautiful and the drink they like there is called KAVA and is is an anesthetic…It NUMBS the lips and mouth… good for post run recovery I am sure

  5. R.

    Difficult question.How about the Dominican Republic?Excellent rum. Easy milleage from east to where the country hits Haiti.For a multiday, come south with us to Costa Rica – Guaro is the poison of choiceSee.

  6. olga

    Man, love it when people suddenly start speaking my language to me:)Spasibo!Yes, lets do Jamaica. But running across Russia on a good fuel (real) would be an adventure. People are the nicest, but you'd have to battle elements like in not so many other places. Challenge.

  7. Trail Goat

    Loomdog, you are obviously the smartest .. or at least most practical of my friends. Fiji is small, but then again so is the Holy See… if only I cold turn the wine into water to aid with the hydration.Robi, I love me some good DR rum. Yum! Can't say I've ever tried Guaro, but since this wouldn't be a race, I wouldn't be violating the rule of not trying anything new on race day.Olga, pashalsta. I dream of crossing Russia, even if not on foot. I had every intention of moving there for a while after college, but the last bit of language training I wanted before going was going to be at a summer camp after my senior year… and at the last minute they canceled the program. :-( Years later I dreamt of taking the trans-siberian railway following my law school graduation. That was replaced by my awesome travels out West last summer. One of these years I will make it.

  8. Greg Pressler

    Great topic! I'd humbly suggest the small country of The Netherlands for the task.Running from Den Haag to the picturesque Dutch/German border town of s'Heerenberg, you'd cover around 150km.Fuel with Dutch "gin" called jenever (many different varieties), and down some Heineken when you need a break.

  9. Trail Goat

    Greg, Even the thought of trying to gin myself across a country makes me a little nauseous! Anyone who does this would get double bonus points from me. Drink on!

  10. Bryon Powell

    Yes, Greg, that is a challenge. Run across the Netherlands on gin and Heineken (or merely give it a good shot) and I'll publish your story.

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