Streaking into 2008

I hope y’all don’t mind that I’m mostly posting about my mundane running at the moment. It’s a quiet time of year for ultrarunning and with me neither racing nor heading out for other adventures out in the woods, you are stuck reading about me getting back into shape. Hopefully, this record of my return to training will be useful to both new and experienced runners and will serve as a reminder to myself when I have to go through this process again sometime in the future. It’s good to remember that a return to running can be trying even for a seasoned athlete, but with a minimal amount of dedication the early gains rack up quickly!

On hat note, this morning while drinking coffee and enjoying a breakfast of homemade cookies sent to me by my awesome grandmother, I glanced at my 2007 running log. A quick skim of this simple Excel chart confirmed my suspicion – I already had a longer streak of consecutive running days in 2008 than I did in all of 2007! My longest streak in 2007 was 14 day. Through last night I’d run the first 16 days of January 2008. I’m hoping tonight I log day 17 in the snow rather than some mid-Atlantic “winter mix.”