This Week In Running: March 20, 2017

This Week in Running Justin Mock TWIRThe U.S., Canada, and France hosted qualifying events for the IAU Trail World Championships, and Jim Walmsley was racing in Spain. All of this and more are among the features of this week’s column.

Chuckanut 50k – Bellingham, Washington


So what if it was rainy and the course was muddy. When it comes to modern ultrarunning, course records are always in play.

The men celebrated with the Chuckanut 50k‘s 25th anniversary with a new course best. Both first- and second-place finishers Max King and Hayden Hawks went under King’s former course record, a mark that dated to 2014. King, now 37 years old, finished in 3:33, over two minutes better than the old record. He now joins Cody Reed and Zach Miller as automatic qualifiers on the U.S. team that will compete on June 10, 2017 in Italy at the IAU Trail World Championships.

Max King - 2017 Chuckanut 50k champion

Max King, 2017 Chuckanut 50k champion. Photo: Tad Davis

Hawks struggled on the course’s muddier sections but closed hard to also finish in 3:33, 31 seconds back of the race winner.

Each of the top-eight men all finished under four hours. Sage Canaday was third in 3:40. Travis Morrison, a 2:23 marathoner, was fourth in 3:45. Tyler Sigl and David Laney were fifth and sixth in 3:49 and 3:50, respectively.


Three of the top-five women were 50k debutantes, including race winner Ladia Albertson-Junkans. Her winning time was 4:17, a mark that ranks seventh all-time, trailing only ultra standouts Jodee Adams-MooreEllie Greenwood, and Magdalena Boulet.

Though Albertson-Junkans was new to the distance, she was a 2016 U.S. Mountain Running team member. Like men’s winner King, she too earned a spot on the U.S. for the IAU Trail World Championships, and also collected the lion’s share of the race’s $4,500 prize purse.

YiOu Wang, who last month won the USATF 50k Trail National Championships, was second in 4:23. Wang will next return to the Lake Sonoma 50 Mile, a race she won last year and where she again hopes to earn entry to the Western States 100.

YiOu Wang and Ladia Albertson-Junkans at the 2017 Chuckanut 50k

YiOu Wang and Ladia Albertson-Junkans at the 2017 Chuckanut 50k. Photo: Tad Davis

Olympic Marathon Trials participant Rachel Jaten was, perhaps, a surprise third in 4:33. Camille Herron was fourth in 4:37, and Maria Dalzot was fifth in 4:43.

Chuckanut was also a potential Canada team qualifier for the IAU Trail World Championships. The top-two Canadian men and women finishing under a certain qualifying time–4:05 for men and 4:35 for women–could earn Team Canada positions. We don’t believe anyone qualified in these standards, however.

Full results.

Trail du Ventoux – Provence, France


In southern France, the 46k Trail du Ventoux was also a qualifier for the IAU Trail World Championships. Stealing one from the host country, Marc Lauenstein (Switzerland) finished the big mountain loop first in 3:48.

2016 UTMB winner Ludovic Pommeret was runner-up in 3:49, 47 seconds back of Lauenstein. Nicolas Martin, first here in 2016 and second here in 2015, was third this year in 3:50.

Having already qualified for the national team, Martin’s spot fell to fourth-place Romain Maillard, who now joins Pommeret, Martin, Sylvain CourtBenoît Cori, and Cédric Fleureton on what looks to be a powerhouse French team.

Court also competed in the race here, finishing seventh, and Xavier Thévenard was also among the deep French field, finishing ninth.


Anytime a Caroline Chaverot (France) record falls, it’s of note. That’s what happened with Adeline Roche taking victory in 4:24, some six minutes better than Chaverot’s previous course record. All of the top finishers were of the host country.

Lucie Jamsin was second in 4:38 and Amandine Ferrato was third in 4:39. Each of those top-three finishers are expected to make their way onto the French national team for the IAU Trail World Championships.

Other familiar names in the women’s field included fourth-place Anne-Lise Rousset in 4:40, fifth-place Sandra Martin in 4:56, and seventh-place Stephanie Duc in 5:04.

Full results.

Other Races

Carrera Alto Sil

Jim Walmsley is going global! Little is known about the 30k Carrera Alto Sil mountain race in Spain, but Walmsley was a winner in 2:37, almost 20 minutes better than second place. Full results (when available).

Jim Walmsley - 2017 Carrera Alto Sil champion

Jim Walmsley, 2017 Carrera Alto Sil champion. Photo: Carrera Alto Sil

Pacific Rim One Day

In Washington, Ryan McKnight totaled 124 miles as race winner of the Pacific Rim One Day race. Susan Carlson Kokesh won the women’s event with 92 miles. Full results.

Howard Asligner Endurance Run

Josh Fingar ringed Arena Park in Cape Girardeau, Missouri for 24 hours to win the Howard Asligner Endurance Run with about 125 miles. Annette Bednosky bested the women’s race with about 110 miles. Full results.

Stryn Rando 3000

Ski-mountaineering season continues for Kilian Jornet. He won the Stryn Rando 3000 event in Norway in 2:18. Eric Carter of the U.S. was fifth in 2:40. For the ladies, Emelie Forsberg and Ida Nilsson finished in a first-place tie, both at 2:51. Full results.

Terrapin Mountain 50k

Matt Thompson won the 10th annual Terrapin Mountain 50k in Virginia in 4:28, finishing seven minutes up on second-place Brian Rusiecki. The women’s race crowned Krista Offield as race winner in 5:23. Full results.

Antelope Island Buffalo Run

Fifty miles on an island in Utah’s Great Salt Lake, Sondre Amdahl (Norway) was the Antelope Island Buffalo Run 50-mile race winner in 6:45. Saige Balloock-Dixon was the women’s champ in 8:07. Full results.

Run Through Time Marathon

Salida, Colorado’s Run Through Time Marathon is low key but typically competitive. Frank Pipp was the men’s winner in 3:16. Among familiar names, Ryan Burch was third in 3:30. A wrong turn put Dakota Jones way back in 33rd. A similar move likely impacted Eric Senseman in 32nd place. Shannon Daileader won the women’s race in 4:11. In the accompanying half marathon, it was local runner Taylor Stack and Sandi Nypaver on top with 1:29 and 1:51 winning times. Full results.

Mesquite Canyon 50k

Charlie Ware and Susan Kramer won the Aravaipa Running Mesquite Canyon 50k at Arizona’s White Tank Mountain Regional Park, running 4:46 and 5:48, respectively. Full results.

Modesto Marathon

Forty-two-year-old Jon Olsen still has his wheels! Olsen tuned up for a coming U.S. 24-hour team qualifying attempt by winning California’s Modesto Marathon in 2:33. Full results.

Call for Comments

  • Three Days of Syllamo and the Lake Martin 100 Mile are among the results we couldn’t locate at press time, so please provide insight or results in the comments below.
  • As always, share what other races or events went down this weekend in the comments.
  • The French are lining up an all-star men’s team for IAU Trail World Championships. What other teams could realistically challenge for the win?
Justin Mock

is a family man, finance man, and former competitive runner. He gave his 20s to running, and ran as fast as 2:29 for the marathon and finished as high as fourth at the Pikes Peak Marathon. His running is now most happy with his two dogs on the trails and peaks near his home west of Denver.

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  1. Ellie G

    You are correct that no Canadians qualified for World Trails at Chuckanut but the top finishers (one of each gender) have been offered spots on discretionary basis even though they didn’t quite hit the qualifying times – they are Kathryn Drew and Cody Callon.

  2. Pam

    I know this column focuses on the winners but I’d like to point out results for Megan Smith, age 12, and Liam Smith, age 10 at Pac Rim where they tallied 41 and 28 miles, respectively, and on only 6 miles “training” per week (they are in the school run club). I mention this not cause I am a proud mom (ok, there is some of that!) but to point out that anyone who is interested in stepping up in distance whether it be 50k, 50M, 100km, or 100M should consider a 24 hr race. I know that running a loop over and over doesn’t get people excited, but the available aid and support is unparalleled for an ultra and it allows you to complete a distance without worrying about cutoffs, and can give you the confidence to tackle the same distance on more difficult terrain. After this weekend, my husband has decided he’d like to take on the 100km distance at this type of event after swearing 50 miles was his max!

  3. Doug McKeever

    It is interesting to hear the comments from out of towners about the Chuckanut course. We intended it to have lots of variety, and apparently it delivers to the satisfaction of most. The mud is frustrating, but is to be expected in this climate in winter. 500 runners might churn it to slop but it recovers well as things dry out…..more so than longer lasting changes due to wheels and hooves.

    1. Kristin Zosel

      Chuckanut is an awesome course w transparency as to what to expect! It’s got something for everyone and absolutely fantastic course organization. When you come to the PNW, you have to know it’s not a desert.

    2. Andy M

      As an out-of-towner who was fortunate enough to come to Bellingham for the race I would add that the Chuckanut mud, though plentiful, is way more runnable than our east coast mud that makes running almost impossible and steals your shoes in the process. Must be the clay or something, but it still holds body weight and is only moderately slippery. Whatever it is, the mountains, rainforests, coffee, and even mud all seem better in the PNW :)

      1. Doug McKeever

        We are kind of proud of our mud. It isn’t the sticky kind, due primarily to its low clay content. Anyone can run on dry surface!

  4. Joan

    We had also National Champs in Spain with the winners qualifying for IAU World Championchips. Miguel Caballero in men and Gemma Arenas in women were the champions. The podium was completed by Pablo Villa and Dani Garcia in men and Anna Comet and Nuria Dominguez in women

    1. Bryon Powell

      Thanks for letting us know. Which race was this? Also, do you know if this was a section race for the 2017 ITRA Trail World Championships? If so, do you know who made the team based on this race?

      Muchas gracias,

      1. Joan

        Hi Bryon
        The race was in Villaflor de Chasna in Tenerife over 43 km. First to four in each category are qualified for World Championships in addition to Luis Alberto Hernado and Azara García that qualified last year by finishing in top 3 in the champs.
        Sixth runer will be chose by technical resposables

      2. Joan

        Hi Bryon
        The race was in Villaflor de Chasna in Tenerife over 43 km. First to four in each category are qualified for World Championships in addition to Luis Alberto Hernado and Azara García that qualified last year by finishing in top 3 in the champs.
        Sixth runer will be chose by technical resposables
        Link to results in Athletics Spanish Federation

  5. 6co

    Just a quick note to mention that in addition to the Mont Ventoux trail organized in France, there was also the Paris Ecotrail 80km and other distances. The male winner was Emmanuel Gault, former winner of the CCC in Chamonix in 2010 and now 4 times winner of this +/- 50 miler with only +/-1500m of vert.
    Of course this is not as competitve as the Trail du Mont Ventoux organized the same day, but it does offer 4 points qualifying to the UTMB and that is a rather large race in terms of participants: 3000 just for that one 80km race

  6. Andy Stann

    Dan Riefenberg from Fox River Grove won Lake Martin 100. He finished Ouray 100 (5th), Mark Twain 100 (2nd) and Pinhoti 100 (19th) last year in his first year on the Ultra circuit. He finished 7th at Land Between The Lakes 50 a few weeks back.

  7. Ben Nephew

    Hopefully the guys that have qualified for the IAU team will all accept spots on the team: that would make for a very strong team that could challenge for the team gold.

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